How to start screen printing business

screen printing

Starting a screen printing business can prove to be a lucrative action to take. The need for customized imprinted stickers, T-shirts, cups, handkerchief, leather and other items are in high demand by businesses, religious group, wedding planners, schools, nonprofit organizations, sports teams and many other industries.

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Companies and nonprofit organizations need these customize items for branding and advertising. Customized imprinted items can be produced and sold to retail shops for profit.

Why start screen printing business

– There are more businesses who are trying to build a brand and advertise their business. Creating custom imprinted items like T-shirts, stickers, handkerchief, pen and other items is a constant practice.

– Religious groups are not left behind. Various subgroups are having custom shirts to differentiate them from another group.

– One of the lucrative businesses you can start with a minimum capital. The profit can be up to 70-80%

How to start screen printing business

Step 1

Lease a space for your screen printing business. Space should serve as a small office space where your customers will stay and the remaining space as your work and equipment area.

Step 2

Buy your screen printing materials, you’ll need a computer, graphic software, dryer, mesh, screens, squeegees, water bowl and laser printer.

Step 3

Purchase your inks and chemicals. In screen printing, there are different types of ink. We have the leather ink, textile ink, sticker ink. Chemicals can be the emulsion, retarder, remover, and synthesizer.


Step 4

Market your service and product by making samples of your work. Available in your shop and public places. Contact local schools, nonprofit organizations, the religious group in your area about what you do and drop samples of your work.

Learning screen printing

1. Acquire the knowledge of graphic design and screen printing. Learning one of the graphic software, you can be able to make your designs.

A knowledge of either CorelDRAW or photoshop let you make your design. Then learn how to use the screen printing equipment. You can do that by working in one of the screen printing shops to learn and gain the experience.

2. Different screens are available, your job is to choose the proper one for the job you want to do. There are two types of screens.

The open and close mesh. The open mesh is mostly used when printing on shirts and close mesh when using stickers and leather.

Also, the size of the mesh depends on the size of the material you’re to print on. The mesh can come in A4, A3 and beyond that size.

3. Prepare your mesh, first of all, wash and dry the screen. Mix your emulsion with a a synthesizer in a 2:1 ratio in a dark place.

Then coat your mesh with the emulsion. This chemical response to light when to expose to it. Allow the coated screen to dry in a dark room.

4. Make your deign using your computer and print it on a laser paper. Then attach the film to the screen. Expose the screen either under the screen or using a florescent light. After removing the design and wash your screen with a clean water. The design will appear on the screen.

5. Place your material on a flat surface and place the screen on it. Add your ink to the screen, using your squeegee, move it up and down and remove the screen, the design should appear.

6. If using T-shirt, after the design uses a belt dryer or heat gun to cure the design onto it permanently. If this step is not done, this will make the design wear away.

Succeeding in screen printing business

– Make your design unique and simple.

– Use quality inks and chemicals. It has been shown that no matter your design, it’s the ink that will make the difference when printed on the material

– Keep on improving yourself.

– Finish your work in time

– Distribute quality work to retail shops as these builds more business for you.

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