How to start and make money blogging

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Starting a blog and making money with it is an easy and straight forward process that don’t even requires any knowledge about programming.

Today, blogs have and are still becoming popular, even companies with large websites are owning their blogs.

In this article, I will show you how to start and run a successful blog, even if you’re a newbie to blogging. Below are the six simple steps to be successful.

Step# 1: Decide on a niche

Blogs are built and based on particular topic, often call a niche. You look for a niche you’re passionate about and have high demand.

Knowing the demand of a niche can be done using the keyword research tool like or the google research tool.

This will give you the demand of the niche on a daily and monthly basis.

Step# 2: Evaluate the competition

Once you have gotten a keyword, you have to know the number of blogs that are using that keyword. This is particularly good in other to know whether or not to use that keyword.

Evaluating the competition of the niche can be done using the search engine like google. Just input the niche with inverted commas with the niche and enter search or go.

For instance, if the niche you’re targeting is about ‘weight loss’ go the search engines search box and type “weight loss”, then press enter. The result will show something like 1-10 of ….

Note that if the number of websites targeting the niche is below a hundred thousand, then it is the word your time to use the niche.

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Step# 3: Secure a domain name and hosting

Now you need a domain name and a hosting account. A domain name is the website address like,, and a hosting account is where you will put the pages of your website.

There are several places to register a domain name and to host your blog. Below are some of the places I have used and have never been disappointed.

Domain name registration

For hosting

Step# 4: Install and configure your blog


Once you have secured your domain name and hosting, you’re to log into your CPanel using your username and password that your hosting provider, gave you and install your blog. Below are the few steps involved:

–          Locate fantastico  and click on it

–          Locate the blog section and click on WordPress

–          Click on install blog

–          Fill in the information you want, like your username, password the title of your blog (niche).

–          Click to complete the installations.

Once you’re done with the blog installations, log into your blog by typing Then start configuring your blog.

This can be changing your blog theme, the page URL and so on.

Step# 5: Start posting

Start making a post on your new blog. Five to ten articles a week is not bad since the blog is a new one. The content of the post should be unique to start attracting search engines.

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Step# 6: monetize your blog

When you have at least 5 article posts on your blog, you can start monetizing your blog. There are several ways to do it.

–          You can use pay per click advertising to make money. This is when you allow a small fraction of space in each of your blog pages and you make money when someone clicks on the ads. The popular one has been the google Adsense.

–          Promoting other people’s product, often call affiliate marketing. This is done when you embed unique affiliate links in articles as well as affiliate banners within articles.

–          Selling your own advert space. This way, you sell the advert space and keep the entire money. But using this method requires lot’s of traffic on a daily basis in other to utilize its maximum profit.

Step# 7: Promote your blog

Now that you have finished building your blog, start promoting it. No matter good the blog is, if you don’t promote it, no one will know about it.

There are free and paid ways of sending traffic to your blog.

  1. Writing and posting articles at article directories like, and so on.
  2. Making comments at relevant blogs.
  3. Making post in online message boards and forum
  4. Paying and placing advertisement using google adword
  5. Indexing your pages using a site like socialmonkee.



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