How to send unlimited traffic to your website or blog for free


There are millions of blogs and websites online that receives little or no traffic at all. This mostly happens when people design and never promote their websites.

The success of your website or blog depends on the number of traffic the site receives on a daily and monthly basis.

Below are some of the simple free ways to send traffic to your site. Though these methods are free, it provides the maximum result you want.

  1. Building links

This is popularly the search engine optimization you may say. This makes your site appears within the search engines. The more pages that appear, the better the traffic and one way to achieve this is via building links.

One important website that lets you achieve that is This site allows you to build links to 25 or 100 links in a day depending on which plan you intend to use.

When a link exchange within using socialmonkee, your web or blog page, is index within the search engines immediately.

  1. Article writing

This is probably the popular form of sending traffic to your website or blog. But writing one article will not so the job.

When writing articles, there are things you need to consider for it to receive massive views and eventually, people visit your site via the authors resource box.

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Your article title should be attractive for people to read it, most contain some certain keywords and most importantly, it most be highly informative.

Submit your articles to authority article directories like When your article has been published, promote it using the method of building links to build more traffic to your websites.

  1. Forum marketing

Use forum similar to your website or blog niche to send targeted traffic to your website. One vital mistake a lot of people make is using a forum to tell people about their site. This can scare away people from your site.


Instead, you can create a forum signature file, where you will put the link to your site. This link appears whenever you visit and make your own contributions to the forum.

People will visit your site when you’re making reasonable contributions to the forum.

  1. Using mailing list

Using software like getresponse, you can create a list and use your list as a good source of traffic to your site.

Building list can be done by giving people free stuff like ebooks, audio and video tutorials and so on. But receiving it is done when someone exchange his or her name and email address.

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This software enables you to send emails to thousands of your list with a click, either manually or automatically. When there is an update, you might use this medium to tell your people about it.

  1. Social media bookmarking

Social media sites are among the most traffic sites online and a good source of traffic online. You can use social media sites like facebook, twitter, digg, StumbleUpon and so on to bookmark pages of your websites or blog.

  1. Blog comment

Never underestimate the power of blog comments. Today, there are do follow blogs where you can make a comment and have a link back to your website. This way, you build your reputation as well as your traffic using comments from a blog.

We have a list of about 48 do follow blogs. You can visit the link here to scan through.

Traffic generation methods are been develop on a daily basis. Either one you use, the 5 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your site are among the best. Just keep sending the traffic, keep making the money.

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