How to Manage Your Time


These days, time seems not to be enough. Our lives are constantly joined to people at work, family and friends and even strangers.


The devices we use are keeping us connected to people always through our social media pages and making us distracted. To achieve more, you’ll need to manage your time effectively.


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How do I manage my time effectively? I will work you through great ways to do just that! These method works irrespective of your career or business.


Prepare yourself first, by taking 30 minutes of your time to fix yourself and plan your day.

Make a list of what you intent to do daily. These should take at most 20 minutes to be completed.


But before making the list, you need to know what you must manage. Start from the ordinary and not interesting task to the critical will let you know what needs to be done.


Prioritize each task and give it a time frame you intent to achieve it. Here is an example below.

1. Coffee shop 6am

2. Report to the office by 7am

3. Check my email by 9:30am

4. Have meeting with business associates by 10:00am

This is just an example as a guide, you can make your own list of the tasks you need to accomplish. You can assign numbers base on what you want to come first, second and last priority. For example 1 can take your first priority and 4 is the last task for the day.

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Balance your day

Don’t take all the task and try to finish it at once, you may end up not finishing any of the tasks. There may be times when you can join more than one at a time, but let it be in other of priority. Concentrate and focus on what you’re doing now to achieve the expected outcome. When your task is completed, mark it and move to the next one.


Work during your most productive hour

When is the most productive time that you work better? Some work better in the morning and others in the evening. Whichever time, focus your time and energy on that productive time of the day.


Beat the clock

Try competing against the clock. Try achieving a task below the time set for it. If a task is to be accomplish in 30 minutes, try completing it in 25 or twenty minutes.

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Give yourself a break

This is important because it’s the time to clear your body, mind and soul and to recharge the batteries for better performance. Decide on the time frame for the break, a 15-20 minutes break is okay.


Check your progress

Tick and cross lines on the task already completed. This gives you relieve you have done something great and further encourage you to finish the remaining task.


Check the list

You may want to be checking the list often to know whether it requires change or some modification or even better way of executing the task faster or if it means delegating it to someone to do it on your behalf.


Have fun

There is no crime to have fun after a great day. This makes you refresh the mind and the body. All the stress and the pressure will go leaving you with a fulfilled day.


Take a nap

Sleep no matter what. A 6-8 hours sleep daily will help keep you mentally alert and recover the lost energy. This will make you think clearly and perform at a high level when the sun rises again.


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