How to make money with google adsense


Google adsense is the affiliate program from google. Google serves you ads and when these ads are place in your website/blog, you the site owner make money when someone clicks on the ads. This is call pay per click ads.

Making the money with adsense

Making money using this program is not play and no work as others tend to make you believe. You’ll need lots of traffic coming to your site else you won’t find anyone that will click on the ads.

It’s a proven fact that the topic you’re targeting will determine how much you’ll earn per click. For competitive niche like weight loss, will have higher pay per click than information marketing. Some competitive niche will earn you $5 or more per click.

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While the niche with little competition can pay you with as little as 0.5 cents when you have a blog like that.

What am trying to say is apart from traffic, the thing to really consider when it comes to making money with google adsense is the niche you’re targeting. With niche that pays higher PPC, you’ll need little effort to reach google payout threshold.

Other ways to boost your google adsense earnings are:

  1. Write good articles that attracts large traffic and high paying ads
  2. Make your pages blend with your ads
  3. Use adsense revenue sharing sites like hubpages to boost your google adsense earnings.
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  1. Place ads within your pages. Google allows three ads placement on every page. My recommendations is to place the first ads at the top, the second below your post and the last at the right side bar of your website


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