How to make money with a PLR website


Making money online is pretty simple when you follow the right path and you don’t give up. Setting up a PLR website is however pretty easy way to making money online.


This are are articles or ebooks park in one place and are sold with its full right and ability to change any content within the content of the article and or ebook.

Why start a PLR website

Now a day, outsourcing for content is becoming more and more expensive. A single article of about 500 words can cost you up to $10 dollars, while you can buy 20 plr articles at that same value. So people are more than ever turning there mine to buying PLR articles or ebooks.

How to start

Learn how to write a sales letter. Even if you’re not going use it for a PLR website, you can use it to make money with it by offering your service. Learn about how to write a sales letter.

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The sales letter is going to be use for the ebooks.

Find a niche

Look for a niche that people are looking for new information on a daily basis. Because of the competition in that field, the site owners will be forced to outsource for fresh information.

Sometimes getting someone to write will be quite expensive, especially if your site is still not as establish as others in the sector. So the only option will be for them to buy PLR materials. Example of hot niches are weight loss and internet marketing.


Once you know what you need, Register a domain name and secure a hosting account. Better still use site build it

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Learn more about domain name

Learn more about web hosting

Start writing the articles

Write your articles and place them into packs of 10, 15, 20 and so on depending on what you decide and place them in your website. Each pack should contain the title of the articles display on it. If it is an ebook, display their names.

Start promoting your site

Start telling people about your new plr website. It will require you to do some serious work to get people to your site. But for component like site build it, they help you build not just a website, but a profitable business.

Learn more about site build it


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