How to make money online without having a blog or website

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Making money online is one of the easiest way to earn a living, but even with that, it’s still not a get rich quick way. For you to achieve the level of making enough income, you’ll need to build some visibility and credibility.

In most cases, building visibility and credibility is done when you have a blog/website of your own. Sometimes not everyone has a blog or website. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the methods you can follow to made money online without having a website or blog.

  1. 1.       Google adsense sharing sites

This sites have special partnership with google and thus google have given them the ability to share the ad revenue when the content you publish at the site is viewed and the ads that appear are click. You can publish articles, videos, podcast etc in such websites.

One popular I personally us is hubpages. This site doesn’t only allow you to make money online with google adsense alone, but will have other methods to.

  1. 2.       Document sharing sites

Document sharing sites makes it possible for you to convert your document into PDF and upload it into their website. Most often, the document will contain some clickable link back to the website or blog of the person that uploaded the document.

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But in this case, there is no blog or website. All you need do is to provide an affiliate link, that is related to the article you have written as your website or blog url. When people click on it and sales are made, your commission enters your bank account.

Using document sharing is really a most do method, as every day more and more unique visitors visits the website in search of documents. Some of this sites are and


  1. 3.       Become a freelancer


Today, more and more people have the opportunity to showcase their talent and make money from it. Some website have given you the opportunity to use your talent as a freelancer to make money with it. One good thing with this method is you can offer your talent in writing, graphic design, programming, translation etc.

Some sites that allow you to be a freelancer are and are among the most popular and most trust worthy website.

This are the three methods people use to make money online without having a blog or website. It’s not left for you to choose the one you think you can start with.

  1. 4.       Promote affiliate product

Promoting affiliate product is one vital way to make money online without having a blog or website. What you need to do is to find affiliate product write a review about it and publish it in document sharing websites, forums and or article directories.

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One place you’ll need to visit and find great affiliate product is clickbank. Navigate to the website and put a keyword in their search box to find great affiliate product.

If you’re interested in promoting an affiliate product for people who want to build a business website, I highly recommend you to join site build it affiliate program.  They don’t only give you high commission ones, but any customer you refer, becomes your customer for life. The affiliate program too allows you to target virtually anyone; it can be moms, web master, retire and so on. Just navigate to site build it official website to see it all.

Making money online is not be achieve by having a blog/website alone. It can also be achieve even without a blog/website. The following four steps outlined can make you residual income when it is done with passion and in the right way.

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