How to make a good presentation

preLike it or hate it, whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, employee or student, there are every chance that you’ll someday be standing in front of an audience to make a presentation on either a new product or service, academic presentation, political or religious.

When it comes to presentation, it’s ultimately in the hands of the presenter to carry your audience in every step of the way so that the reason for the presentation is to achieve.

Before starting presentation

Do a presentation rehearsal

Make out some time to prepare yourself. Get to know exactly what you’re going to present really well. Look for possible materials that can help you in your material and be up to date with the information. For instance, if you’re promoting a product, know the product inside out. That is, know the benefits and the features of the product.

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Do a stand-alone presentation

Don’t stop there stand in front of the mirror and practice and visualize yourself as standing in front of an audience. It’s important to be in the costume you intend to wear on the day of the presentation. Doing that, you’ll really fill how the audience will fill.

Making a presentation that captivates your audience begins with by following the step below.


Spice your presentation with stories

Don’t just be giving your audience the tips, tricks of doing things. It’s important to back it with a relevant example on how someone apply the strategy and work. It can come in the form of a story.

Sometimes you can introduce your presentation with a story just to make your audience better prepared as to what to expect as the presentation begins proper.

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Use graphic illustration

Even in our traditional schools they use graphic illustration to explain a topic. Why? Because an illustration sticks more to the human mind than just reading steps in books or text book.

When graphic images are used, the audience will always be eager to see what comes next and what it does or you can use a board and draw something that better explain what you’re presenting.

Engage your audience

As your presentation is ongoing, you can start engaging your audience this is to make them mentally alert as you continue the presentation. You can ask a question or their opinion on the subject in question. This gives you an idea of whether your audience is following or not.

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