How to make a bad day better


Whether you like it or hate it, there will come a day when it will sound as if everybody and everything is against you and what you’re trying to do. You’ll tend to ask you why are all these things happening to me?

It’s obvious we cannot control certain thing that come to us, but we can definitely control our reactions when the bad situations do arise. Do you react with anger or frustrations to bad situations? Then the resultant effect will still be bad. Or do we just sit down and do nothing to change the situations? Certainly not, besides why should we allow an incident doom our day?

No day was meant to be bad, every day was meant for you and me to be productive. Do you try to move from the bad situation of the day to someone that will make you feel good. We get to choose what comes to us.

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How do we turn the bad day into a good and sweet day? There are 6 ways you can turn a horrible day into a happy and productive day.


Laugh a lot and never frown your face. Find something like comedy, funny movies to watch and to listen. You can hang around friends who are funny and always make you laugh.

Make a happy list

Make a list of what makes you happy and make it part of your day. Place the list on your work desk, on your computer screen, on your computer screen. Not only that, write down the good things that happen to you everyday. This will make you identify the good things you have done for the day and will boost your thoughts and actions.

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Listen to some music

Turn that music on and listen to it. I personally use this method particularly often. Most often I listen to the one that inspires me to do more. do the same and you’ll soon overcome the bad day effect. Dance to the music as if you’re performing in front of an audience.

Take a break

Take a break to get some fresh air. Most often you only need some change of atmosphere for some time in other for your mood to change.


Don’t allow the mood change your days aim or what you intent to accomplish. Keep the focus until you’re successful.


Know that your day should be committed to the one who created you. Do this and all will be fine.

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