How To Learn A New Skill In 20 Hours


For busy professionals who have commitments and yet have a strong desire to learn new skills, Josh Kaufman in his presentation at Ted suggests that you can learn any new skills in just 20 hours.

He argues that the famous 10,000 hours learning rules is required only for the top percentile expertise level of skill development.

This is how Josh suggests we achieve the 20 hour learning rule:

1) Deconstruct the skill -Most skills as we know them are actually a complex bundle of skills.
-Decide what exactly you want to do and then break it down further to get the exact skills you want

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2) Learn enough to self correct -for example get some 3 to 5 learning resources on what you’re trying to achieve
-such resources give you alternative views that help you correct your mistakes

3) Remove barrier to practice -For example take away the televisions e.t.c, and focus on the task at hand

4) Practice at least 20 hrs -start practicing for at least 20 hours. you might get frustrated at first,
but after pushing past the frustration barrier, you’d be able to learn your new skill.

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