How to handle fear


I’ve seen great ideas from brilliant people gone away-sharing their voice, asking for what they deserve, not taking the risk involve in making their dreams a reality because of fear.

Everyone, even the wealthiest of the wealthy have their fear and doubt. No one have achieve anything significant without conquering their fear. Why are people afraid? Well here are some reasons.

  • Some are afraid of loosing confidence
  • Some are afraid of failing examination
  • Some are afraid of taking business risk
  • Some are afraid of moving out of the box
  • Some are afraid of loosing money
  • Some are afraid of loosing their job

O.J Simpson once said the fear of loosing is what makes competitors so great. Despite the fear, some have develop the faith and have achieve the impossible. What makes them different? Below are 5 ways to handle and conquer your fears.

  1. Create a believe thought
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Every action is the result of what you believe and these begins from the state of your mind. If you think you can do it, the action takes place, because the mind position the body to do just what it thought.

Your thought creates your character, then character create your action and your action create your destiny. Change your mindset and create a positive thought always.

  1. Face it

Dealing with fear requires you to face the fear head on. Avoiding it prevents you from moving forward-it makes you look miserable. It will be a barrier between success and failure, an achiever and a non-achiever.

In sports you have to face the best before you can have the chance of winning any them. face it and win it.


The fear we don’t face becomes our limit-don’t limit yourself

  1. Stay with positive people

Staying with people makes you positive all the time. They help change your perspective about the way you view things from impossibility to possibility. They help inspire you to get out of the box and do what is required.

  1. Ask questions
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There are many who have been at the stage you’re in and have move on. Find such people who overcame their doubts and fear and ask questions. Ask questions like:

What was your biggest fear?

What motivate you to take the bold step?

Who where your mentors?

  1. Read. Read

Read and learn from people’s experience on how they were able to know and conquer their fear. There are a lot of material, learn and move on.

According to Gandhi, “the enemy is fear, we think it’s hate, but it is fear. Just remember everything that you is on the other side of fear

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