How to find a niche using keyword research


Finding a niche can be one of the vital steps to a successful blogging.


The main important thing to consider is to find a high demand niche and low competition.


This simply means you should make sure the sites targeting the niche are at least less than a 100,000.


This is because it’s faster to record high search engine rankings easily than to compete with millions of other established sites.


I recently join a site that showed me some important ways to find a niche in simple and easy way, search engine promotion tools. You may want to check this site now or try it later.


In cases where there is high competition on a niche, you can use long tail keyword to out bit competition.


For instance the keyword ”affiliate marketing” will have millions of website targeting it, instead, you can use a long tail keyword like “affiliate marketing tips and tricks”.

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Hope you get the idea. I will recommend a site that will help you find what you want with peace of mind. This site is the search engine promotion tools.


Anyway, to find a niche you’ll require using a keyword research tool.  I use several search engine research tools to find a niche.


Using wordtracker, is probably one of the place to start your keyword search.


Wordtracker has two versions: a paid and free version. Starting with the free version is not a bad idea. Just visit and sign up for a free account.



After you have obtained your account, log into it and start your niche research.


Using the search box, type the keyword you want to look for and click on the go button.


One good thing with wordtracker is, the result you’ll get will show you the number of daily search.

Copy the keyword that has nothing less than 200 search a day and above.

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You may want to click on the search term with higher number of searches to find other keywords. Just copy them too.


Now to you’ll need to evaluate the competition of the keyword. That is the sites that are targeting this keyword.


Using the worlds largest search engine is a place to do that.

When you arrive at, type in the keywords one at a time and include inverted commas to it and press search.


For instance if one of the keywords you want to evaluate its completion is cheap electric cars, include inverted comma like “cheap electric cars”.


The search result will show you 1 to 10 of whatever number.

Whatever number can be 50,000 or 1000000 and so on.


Repeat the process for the remaining keywords you have in your list, until you have find a keyword where at most only 50,000 sites are targeting.


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