How to design a website for your business


Websites have numerous benefits to a business. A website makes a business global and exposes the business to new opportunities to explore, investors and customers.


So if you own a business without a website, or you want to start an internet business, then I want to outline the steps to building a website.


Before building your website

Before building your website, you need to know what type of website you need.


This is important as you’ll know the type of Web hosting the business will need. Web hosting houses your pages and makes it available online.


In other words, web hosting makes a website accessible via the internet. They come in bandwidth. Different websites requires different web hosting space.


If you’re starting an ecommerce store, like and, or online forum, social media, you’ll need large bandwidth that will contain the traffic and house the trunk loads of documents that will be uploaded daily.


If your site is a blog or a three page website then the required space cannot be like the ones mentioned above.


Why you need a website for your business.

In my opinion, there are about six benefits of having a website and they’re:


o Website expose your business to the world

o Expand your market

o More revenues

o Business can sell 24/7

o Get customer feedback

o Growth opportunity


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How to design a website for your business

There are four ways to build your website for your business or build an online business website.


1. Hire a programmer

Once you know the type of website you want, then your first option is hiring a programmer to design the site according to what you like.


There are many programmers today. Some are good and others not so good.


When hiring a programmer, you should hire the person you know will do the just as you want it. Look for the programmers’ previous job, the charges and customer comments about his expertise and design.


This is to give you an insight about the programmer you’re hiring and what to expect.


Provide the necessary information and how you want the site to look to the programmer. Even though hiring a programmer might be expensive, it gives you what you want.


2. Build from scratch

Maybe you can spend some time to learn programming language and start building your website from scratch. There are several programming language you’ll need to learn. Some of the programming language are PHP, HTML, Python, and styling call CSS.

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Learn about FTP, MySQL and so on. There are free templates online you can download and edit it. There are lots of tutorials you can download free online to get started.



CMS is an acronym for content management system. The CMS builds the platform for you and you setup the website by installing plugins, modules, components and templates. The cms is robust and extremely flexible. With a click of a button, you can setup your website.


The most popular cms are wordpress, joomla and drupal. I’ve use wordpress and joomla and are really flexible and easy to use. I know drupal will not be an exception.


Using cms to build websites does not require the any knowledge of programming language.


4. Using site build it

This is a web building tool that comes with everything from domain name registration, web hosting and web building tools, keyword research tools and so on. Site build it is for people who want to build fast streams of income online. Read more about site build it


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    Designing a website for business purpose is very important, if we done small mistake it will affect our business image. Nice post and i love it.

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