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If you’re reading this, then you are probably willing and have the desire to create your business online. In this article, we’ll see what it takes and the steps required.

Some years ago, in the early stages of internet, creating a blog or website requires you to learn any of the programming language like html, css, and so on. But that have all change. Today creating a website does not need you to be a tech savvy person to do it.

There are several programs to create your website. But most of which will only help you create the website and not a business website. There is a web tool that do that and is call site build it created by Ken Evoy.

Site build it is designed around a simple formula, which they refer to as CTPM. This stands for Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize.

Site build it provides you with The domain name, hosting, web page building tools, marketing help, search engine submission, ranking reports, and more all come with your monthly or yearly fee.

SBI! Cut the hurdle of traffic generation and helps you to find a keyword that is not highly competitive and yet have the traffic and they achieve that using the brainstorming tool.

You can use site build it to create money making website, because that is the main focus of the site build it. That is, Site build it aim is to generate your content, while they create the business for you.

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Other tools by site build it

Building your website

This process is very simple and doesn’t require you to know any web design technology. Once you have order the SBI package, you’ll have all the guide of creation.

In the process of starting your website building, you’ll first use a block-by-block page builder and fill in the file name, description and keywords field. This is done using the block-by-block builder.

Start writing your text, adding headlines, graphics, links and so on. And site build it analyser lets know how to optimize the page.

You correct and run the analyser until it is error free. All that is left is to click the build it button and your page will be built and published on your website. The site build it system will automatically ping all major search engines.

Important tools and modules that help build invitation

Socialize it


This module adds social bookmarking buttons to your pages, which allow visitors to bookmark to your pages, which allow visitors to bookmark your pages online in dig and other sites.

Quick Re-upload it

The module allows you to re-upload edited page which you have updated with few clicks and will show immediately.

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Mailout Manager

Allows you to store email addresses and send a newsletter.

RSS/blog it

It automatically builds a blog on your website based on the new pages you build. It adds an RSS feed and pings all major RSS/blog readers so that they know your site is updated.

Infin it

This allows you to add functionality to your site by creating a subdomain and then “mapping” it to a third-party provider for blogging, shopping carts, forum and so forth.

Traffic stats

Shows the daily visitors your site receives which pages were viewed the most, where the visitors came from, what they typed in the search engine and more.

Search engine HQ

This module shows you how your pages rank in google, yahoo, live and ask. This shows you the pages that well and the ones that don’t.

Value exchange

Allows you to search for related sites to your topic and ask for a link exchange.

The SBI package first guides you with its action guide, which is in written and video format that you’ll have comprehensive access to help for each module.

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