How to build brand for small businesses

brandThe name coca cola, apple, Microsoft, google, yahoo are household names and successful businesses.

Not only that, they’re also among the top brands in the world. As a small business owner, you can’t compete with the top brand.

Because big companies like the once mentioned above have the expertise and resources to hire agencies that will develop, keep developing and manage their brands.

But that is not to scare you from building your own brand. In fact, the big business started building their brand from scratch before getting to where they’re today. With new and improve technology, building brand becomes somewhat easier today than ten years ago.

Want to build brand, then it begins by doing the following:

Continues development

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 Develop a graphic standard for your business and be consistent with it in whatever you do for the business. This includes advertising, flyers, brochures, website, comments, and videos. Make sure you stick to it.

Know what makes you unique

As a small business, you don’t have the money to compete with big businesses. Instead, be sure to add value and communicate effectively with the customer. Just know that at this stage you’re trying to build confidence and credibility.


 Encourage your most loyal customers

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. But not all of them are making your business successful. It has been proven that it’s 20% of the customers that are making 80% of the sales. It’s important to reward them for their effort.

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 Provide free tutorials

Provide free tutorials about how your product or service has helped someone. Don’t make it more of a sales pitch. Just make sure it’s highly informative and don’t forget to add your graphic at the end of the tutorials.

 Do a community service

Give back to the community by touching their lives via community service. You don’t have to do the impossible, but just one thing that can benefit the community the most.

 Socialize online

Create your own app, a fan page on facebook and build your own community. When building your community, keep providing information that adds value and this will make your followers invite their friends.

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