How to build a business system

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Are you building a business system or just trying to be self employed?

Virtually every one I meet has one desire and that is to start a business. The enthusiasm and emotions of starting the business tend to shadow the details they need to go through in building the business.

The majority that start their own business, start as self-employed and stay like that for years with little improvement or a step to becoming business owners.

Agreed many successful businesses today begins as a self employed business, but they took the leap of fate not knowing how they’ll land to get where they’re.

A business owner decides to build a business system for two basic reasons.

1. They hire the smartest people to run the business. This gives the entrepreneur more freedom to focus on other fields.

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2. They grow the business even If the business owner is not physically present. This means then the business can run even without him.

Building a business system is therefore one way to building a successful business that can stand the test of time. The following steps shows you the basic steps required to start a building your system.


a. It begins with building creating the necessary departments.

What do you need in your business? You are the only one that knows it. These you can segment it into various department and specific roles assign to it.

For instance, a typical business will have a Public relation department or customer care, marketing department, product department and so on.

b. here the people

Now you have a clear view of how your organizational chart looks like. You can begin by hiring people who can fill in the positions.

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Who makes up the business system?

There are three most important people in business, they’re the entrepreneur, the managers and the technicians.

The entrepreneur does the work of recruiting the managers and the technicians. The managers now oversee the technicians to make sure the duties of the department are achieve according to plan.

c. Customers

Did is here you say why customers? You’re free to ask, but to be candid a customer helps you restructure your business to better serve the client from their feedbacks.

You get to know what is working and what needs to be improve.

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