How to become a freelance writer

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The demand for fresh quality articles by webmasters is increasing on a daily basis. The search engines are ranking content not only on the links linking the article page but on the quality and freshness of the content.

Webmasters require quality and new content for many reasons and these include:

a. Content to update their blog regularly. This is to keep their loyal blog or website followers coming once they know that there is something new whenever they visit the blog/website.

b. Content to send traffic back to the blog or website. No matter how popular a blog is, they still send in blog traffic always to keep building their readership base.

c. Blog require contents to dominate and build authority in the chosen niche.

Due to the demand for more content, the need for a freelance writer is on the increase. The freelance writer can write from between 400-2000 word article and can be charge from $5 to $50 dollars as the case may be.

Begin by building yourself
Start by learning how freelance writers work. Visit freelance writing forums and get to know what other freelance writers are doing and what you need to learn and improve.

In a freelance forum, you’ll learn how much people charge per article and how they write and deliver the content regularly.
Begin to sell you.

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As a new freelance writer, no one knows who you’re and have not seen your work before. It’s time to begin to sell yourself. For people to know you, you’ll need to show them that you can do it. And this begins by doing the following:

1. Start a blog
Start a blog on the topic you’re familiar with. Then begin to post quality content. Make sure the content is written by you and importantly it’s original.


If you want to use your blog as the main place to accept freelance writing jobs, then Create a “hire me” page after having at least 5 articles in your blog.

An example of such page is found on the hire me page of my blog. You can click on it to see an example. Keep updating the page as your freelance writing business grows by putting links to articles published elsewhere and testimonials.

You can also create a banner and tell people what you do and place it in the sidebar of your blog.

2. Guest blogging
In my opinion, this is the fastest way to sell yourself fast. Submit blog post to blogs with large followers and have built a reputation for themselves. You can do a search for blogs who require guest bloggers.

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When guest blogging, submit the article with high quality and well formatted. This earns you a serious plus and a giant step to achieving your freelance writing dream.

3. Post content on document sharing websites
Write your article and convert them into pdf or power point. Then post them on document sharing sites like these sites receive more than one million traffic on a daily basis.

4. Join forum board
Fine related blog and join then begin to make your own contribution. Post comments or thread as they call it when you have something important and highly informative.

5. Post on social media
Share and post content on social media website regularly and encourage your blog owners to share your content.
Building success as a freelance writer

Succeeding as a freelance writer comes with time, but at the onset, you still can begin succeeding by becoming accountable to your clients. Always write and deliver the content within the stipulated time.

Research and write articles with what is moving at the time of writing. This will make you an up do date freelance writer.

Proofread your written articles before submitting it to your clients. An error free article makes you stand out.

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One thought to “How to become a freelance writer”

  1. While I agree that the demand for content is on the high side, I’d also like to agree with your point about building yourself as a freelance writer. With this business, you have to build yourself as a brand. That’s the best way to break through. Learn from masters in the trade. Discover what it takes to be successful in the field. As a brand, you can select topics to specialise in. This makes you an expert in no time and you can charge high for your service.

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