How to become a business development manager


Business development managers are managers that work with companies in other to expand, develop and create new business opportunities. The process may vary depending on the company’s business and the product or services.

The task may involve product development, marketing, writing proposals, meeting a new client, risk management and so on.

Becoming a business development manager is an art, not a science. There are no special requirements to becoming successful, but you’ll need to improve in the areas of finance, economics, as well as business administration. You’ll also need to develop your negotiating and development skills.

The tips below guides you through a process of becoming a successful business development manager.

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Know the business

If you’re new or don’t have the required skills about the business, it’s important you spend some time in educating and assessing yourself to be better equipped.

Develop public relations and presentation skills

You may be coming in contact with employees and clients all the time. As a business development manager, you may be engaged in some degree of human resource development which may need to know how business operation should be able to develop analyze and develop new business strategies that will give the company an edge


Considerable overtime may be required

Working as a development manager may require you to work overtime and can also stretch into the weekends. It can also involve you moving from one place to another.

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Get some knowledge

Consider improving your skills especially in the area of economics, finance and business administration. Contact or research several companies to know the options you have and to explore it.

Join online business development association

Search and join these associations online. You may have access to tools, resources and professional experts that will guide and help you in that industry.

Make yourself visible

Browse online and set up profiles on job boards and social media. Upload your pictures, resume to build your credibility and visibility.

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