Honesty pays-Value it


Don’t think you can do whatever you like in small things and be okay as long as you’ve no major lapses. Whether you steal a pound or a million pounds, you’re still a thief. Integrity means honesty. Every time you break a moral principle, it becomes harder, not easier to act with integrity.

Everything you’ve done in the past, including the things you’ve neglected to do, comes to a head when you’re under pressure. That is why developing integrity requires constant vigilance. John Morley observed, no man can rise beyond the limitations of his own character and that’s particularly time when you’re a leader.

  • Keep your promise

When you make a promise you create a hope. When you keep a promise you create trust.

  • Acknowledge your mistakes

When your decisions don’t turn out the way you intended, you owe people an explanation.

  • Apologize and try to make amends

When your decisions hurt others, you need to admit that what you did was wrong and say you’re sorry. This is usually very painful in the moment, but not only is it the right thing to do, it can actually shorten the agony and help you to put the indecent behind you.

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