Google adsense: Make money with adsense

google adsense

To make money with google Adsense, you’ll need to find keywords with high PPC

Google Adsense happens to be the most popular way bloggers and professional use to make money online with their blog or website. It has over the years prove to be one of the best pay per click advertising platform.

After setting up a blog, the next step is to monetize it except if you’re only doing it for fun. Many when starting the method of monetizing their blog, they begin with google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising where you earn when someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Many have asked the question how much will I earn from google Adsense? It all depends on a number of things you do.

 Google Adsense: Make money with Adsense

To make money with AdSense, you’ll need targeted traffic and keywords that the competition is high. With the strategy am showing you, your blog can make money with Adsense even when you have a low web traffic.

The key thing here to take note if you want to make money with Adsense is keyword and your ads placement.

  1. Keyword

Not all keywords are the same, some pay you $100 per click and some $0.01 per click. Finding the high paying keyword is what makes it easier to make money with Adsense when there is a click on the ads.

Finding a high keyword that advertisers are paying high in advertising begins with the use of a keyword research tool.

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These keyword research tools help you find the keyword your site can target and gives the maximum benefits.

To rank for a certain keyword, you’ll need to find long tail keywords and the one that pay high PPC.

The easiest way to achieve that is by finding the keyword research tool that gives you all that you want.

Finding long tail keywords and high PPC

One keyword research tool that provides you with long tail keyword and High PPC is semrush. Here we shall be using an authority website to see the long tail keyword they’re targeting and which choose from it.

How to use semrush

Go to semrush and sign up. Click here to sign up and get 14 days free trial. The free trial also works.

Choose the top three websites that are leaders in your chosen niche. Let’s say assume your keyword is about internet marketing.

Log into your account and type the web URL. Here we shall be using one of the biggest internet marketing forum online.

google adsense


Then scroll down to a place where you can view the full report.

google adsense

Click on CPC which will take you to the next page.

google adsense

The result you see are the long tail keywords from the left and the Pay per click.

google adsense

Any of the keywords you choose will ensure you make money with AdSense when there is a click on the ads.

For instance, if you’re going to write on the keyword “Cheap business telephone lines, you’ll attract ads that can be more that $100 per click.

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One thing to note is the same keyword that pays $100 in the United states will pay $0.1 per click in Nigeria. Because advertisers competing for that keyword in the United states might be many compared to that in Nigeria.

always strive to rank higher in countries where you can get the maximum value per click.


  1. Ads placement

To really Make money with AdSense, you’ll need to make your ads as visible as possible. Google offer up to three spots to place ads within the content.

When placing your ads, you should put two of the ads to appear within the article content. The first to be at the top of the content and the second ads at the middle of the content.

Several ads sizes are available, but place a 336X280 at the top of the blog post and 468X60 at the middle of the post.

The third ads can be placed in the sidebar of the blog.

One important thing is to ensure your ads blend with the colour of your site to make it look like it’s part of the content.

Sometimes, you’ll have to try different ads size and position to choose which of it gives the maximum benefits.

To make money with AdSense will require you to find long tail with high PPC and placed where it can be seen maximally.

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