Giving a business a second chance

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Many times I have heard friends and family say things like:

– They have a poor customer service, I will never visit that shop

– I don’t like how they treat customers, it’s like they give preferential treatment to certain customers.

– I will never buy or eat in that shop again

One powerful method of marketing is when someone sends someone to a business. And often happens when there is a positive comment. Unpleasant comment can affect the belief or action of others and can affect the business negatively.

But before jumping into conclusion and expressing your opinions to family and friends, take your time and consider the following.

1. What was your mood?

What was your mood when you entered the shop? When having a bad day or had a personal grudge with someone, will certainly make you quick to detect or be affected by slight changes and can also influence your opinion.

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2. Did you ask?

Did you ask or just jump into conclusion as it’s the way they operate or treat their customers? It’s better to work up and ask them why? The manager might not know or be aware of what the staffs are doing or your concerns.

3. Make some emphasis


Get to know whether this is the first and the last bad experience you’ll get from the business. You may want some further explanation as well.

It could be the staff is having a bad day too or maybe they’re under staff and they’re trying to contain the pressure from customers.

4. Offer your opinion

Have you ever been in such a situation with a customer? You could offer your help on how to treat customers.

5. Let it go

Mistakes are bound to happen no matter how careful you’re. For a one bad experience, it’s worth forgiving and letting it go.

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6. People experience things differently

Remember one man’s food might be your poison. What was a bad experience to you can be a perfect situation for someone. Don’t give someone a wrong impression about a business, allow them to try it for themselves, it might be just what they’ve been waiting for.

We all want second chance to try again. Businesses also need a second chance too. Your experience about a business matters a lot to your friends and family.

But when you encounter a bad experience, before sharing it first with your friends and family, start first my expressing it to the business and this enables them to improve and opens another opportunity to earn your business again.

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