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Fresh content is always what people want online. That is why blogging will always thrive.

The blogger who can provide quality informative content regularly stands the chance of dominating that niche.

Even authority sites build a large audience because of the simple fact of providing quality fresh content. Here quality is what matters.

If you have a good research and writing skills, you can start blogging for money. There are many wonderful blogs online but have failed to generate any useful traffic to the site.

To get paid to blog requires some easy to follow steps. They are:

Step #1: Find a place to start blogging

Find a place to start blogging; it can be a free blog or a paid blog. Paid blog is better because you have control and flexibility over it than free blogs which can be deleted anytime.

Paid blog requires a domain name and a hosting account which will cause no more than $30-$150 per year, depending on the hosting you sign up. Install your blog and start blogging.

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Step #2: Achieving success doesn’t come in one day

Achieving success doesn’t come in one day; it comes by updating your blog constantly. Updating your blog with 3 to 7 article a week is a great way to success. But more importantly, quality is more than quantity


You should write unique search engine optimize articles this makes the search engine find you easily.

The number of posts to write will depend on the popularity of the subject. For instance for a niche like weight loss, the idea of an article to write will never go dry and for such popular niche, you should update your site on a daily basis.

Include case study, images, examples and your personal opinion to increase your chances of ranking high.

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Step #3: Monetize your blog

Once your blog has started generating traffic, you can monetize your blog.

You can monetize your blog using google Adsense where you can place ads on your blog and you make money when a person clicks on the ads.

You can equally promote affiliate product using your site and you make money when a sale is made.

You can begin to sell advertising and make 100% of the income. One plugin that works perfectly well is the OIO publisher. OiO publisher, you’re 100% in control of your ad space.

Get OIO publisher here.

Blogging is not rocket science and does not require any special skill like flash web design to do it. If you want to take blogging serious, you need to start leading the technique that works.



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