Four ways people become rich


Don’t mine me we have more than four ways or path to acquiring riches, but the other ways are done in a dubious means and no one even the rich guys wants to associate themselves with rich crooks.

Everybody wish to be financially buoyant but only handful work towards achieving it. Money comes when we begin to change the way we look and think about it.

In my opinion people get rich in one or more of the four ways. These are ways in which many of the top billionaires and millionaires make their money.

  1. They inherit it,

After going through some of the richest female billionaires I found that most of them inherited the business either from their father or husband. Some examples include;

Liliane Bettencourt inherited L’oreal from her father

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Christy Walton inherited Wal-mart from her Late husband John Walton

Iris Fontbona inherited one of the world’s largest copper minning companies from her late husband.

Georgina Rinehart inherited an iron ore mining company from her Parent.

Jacqueline Mars inherited Mars candy from her father.


These are all billionaires who inherited the riches. But boost the businesses they inherited to the next level.

Anyone who inherit fortune and has little or no financial intelligence might lose the fortune and go back to square one.

  1. They make by investing.

Most rich people make their money from investments. In fact 70% of their fortunes come from investing in new start up or existing businesses and real estate. Investment account for majority of the world rich people.

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  1. they make it by owning a business

Owning a business is one vital way of making money. People build business (s) to provide solution to people. They mostly pay to get the solution.

Today owning a business can be done either online or offline, with the internet, expanding the business possibilities.

  1. They save a tremendous amount over a long period of time.

Although these method seem to be an old fashion way to becoming rich, there are still few people who can still make a fortune using these method. According to Gearge Classon, the author of the Richest Man in Babylon, saving 10% of what you earn and investing it, will make you rich in the long run.

Develop a reasonable investment strategy, stick to it and over time you will do fine.

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