How to double opt-in email marketing lists

double opt-in email marketing lists

Double opt-in email marketing lists are the Gold Standard for Email Marketing List Building.

. Email marketing is a highly inexpensive way of promotion as compared to all other modes of advertising.

It’s a vital way to not only market your product or service but also to build a long-term relationship with people.

The saying the money is in the list means the more you double opt-in email marketing lists the more money you can make.

With the amount of rampant on the internet today, the email marketing software have been justified.

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When you have an email list, it is important, it is important to increase it on a regular basis.

How to double opt-in email marketing lists

So how can you convince them to signup? One way is to assure them that you respect their privacy and won’t divulge their email addresses to anyone else. Below are also another way to double opt-in email marketing lists.

  1. Give away free stuff

This can be ebooks, video tutorials, articles, podcast or even your services in exchange for their emails and names.

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These methods of increasing your opt-in mailing list work when you have given away informative materials.

When you ask them to subscribe, they’ll because they know they’ll get new important updates.

  1. Start an e-course

Start an e-course by giving away free series of how to or step by step to achieving something.

When using this method, it is important to write it in your blog or website for at least two weeks before you can start.

If on the other hand the course is not free, you can equally get subscribers by telling them to subscribe to get a discount for the course. Include the percentage of the discount to encourage them to subscribe.

  1. Using backend

I don’t know why most people don’t use this method. Using backend is important and especially when using ebook.

You can use the last page of your ebook to tell people subscribe to your email list and list some of the important update that is coming up or the e-course that is coming.

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Let it include free stuff to encourage people to subscribe.

  1. Using solo ads

One easy way to double opt-in email marketing lists is when you use solo ads.

The method is simple, you find people who have built their list and buy which they’ll send in subscribers to your list.

The good thing about solo ads is you buy base on your niche and have targeted subscribers.

One place you can effectively find solo ads and get the best is Udimi.

In Udimi, you get to read reviews and get the option you can choose from.

Get your free account by clicking the following link.

Using udimi, you can build you can double opt-in email marketing lists fast and easy.

The way I see it double opt-in email marketing lists is the way to go.







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