Differences between a blog and static website

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One of the most searched differences of things online today is the differences between a blog and website.


But the blog and website which you know are just interchangeable often online.


The differences between a blog and website, is pretty simple.


A blog is a type of website or part of a websites that needs to be updated with new content from time to time, while a website, is mostly static.


Static website are series of pages that are link together. The page navigation is unique and presents the pages to the viewer as they’re organized within the server.

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Other differences is:


Blogs provide commenting system

Updated almost daily

Frequently crawled by search engines

Covers wide variety of articles


When using a static website the content will revolve around that subject.

For instance if the website is about “car hire” the website article will only revolve around that.

While a blog are like newspaper that keep the information flowing fresh almost daily.


Creating a blog using wordpress

Well I have found that creating a blog is easier than a static website. Using wordpress, you can create a blog within minutes just from a click.

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This makes it the better option online. With plugins, themes and contents, you can create a unique, functional blog.

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