Develop These Qualities for A Well Deserving Job in HR


A HR professional’s success has a lot more to do with his attributes and characteristics rather than his academic credentials. When we think about a HR professional our thoughts are instantly drawn towards the qualities, characteristics and the skills that they possess. Here are some qualities that every individual aspiring for a job in HR should aspire to develop.

Working as an HR professional is a big challenge in so many ways. The global economy has a cut-throat competitive environment and every organization wants to ensure that it is equipped with the best talent force so as to make the most impact and gain an extra edge over others.

The irony is that only a HR manager with strong professional qualities and skills can actually recognize and hire the best HR candidates. Thus, this article will be useful for not only aspiring individuals but also assist professionals already working in the industry, provided one takes the advice seriously. Here are the traits and skills that a HR manager is expected to exhibit:


A HR is always in the midst of confidential files and data about the organization, employees and people. As such strong ethical behavior is the first characteristic that every HR is expected to exhibit.

Ethical conduct is the basis of long term success in any organization. At most companies the HR department is in-charge of monitoring employee ethics, crafting company’s conflict-of-interest strategies and manages other ethically-important policies.

With such great responsibility at hand, it is expected that the people who work in the HR department personally display the same behavioral traits.

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Active Listening

 If you are looking to progress to a managerial role in due course of time then mere head nodding isn’t going to help you.

When an employee comes to you with an issue or when you are attending a meeting with the upper management you have to pay your full attention because you are expected to answer or offer a proposed solution right then and there.

With active listening skills you will be able to understand, interpret and evaluate what they hear. Active listening skills will also help you improve personal relationships by reduction of conflicts and fostering understanding.

Sense of Humor

The inclusion of this quality could actually surprise many, but the truth remains that sense of humor can be of great help while facing challenging situations. A HR comes across various work challenges almost on daily basis.


Whether it is handing the termination letter to an employee, or layoffs or harassment investigations or working on employee conflicts, all these are tough situations, and without a sense of humor one can lose his passion and drive in the job quite early into the career.

The best HR professionals always have this knack of putting up a smiling front even in the most challenging work conditions. Such employees are a true asset to the company.


Fearlessness is one trait that every successful HR professional possesses. HR Pros who are not afraid to voice their opinions or counter their manager’s opinions are the one who are stewards of the organization and always lead from forward.

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Employees often turn to them as they know they will get a fair and just hearing and more importantly if their gripes are found genuine, they will be escalated to “higher-ups”.

Great HR pros never look the other way because that is an easy thing to do and neither do they toe the line to avoid any kind of resistance.

Developing these qualities requires one to practice them forcefully for a long period of time. If you are aspiring to be a part of the HR industry, here are some steps that you need to follow in addition to imbibing the above explained qualities:

Find a job

The most obvious of all steps is to find a suitable work opportunity. Research the latest job market trends and find which companies and cities have the best employment opportunities for you. High growth cities like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi are always buzzing with new jobs. As Pune becomes the new startup hub with more and more companies starting out here, there are a number of new HR jobs in Punewhich require candidates to apply to them.

Excel in your job

Once you have found the best employment opportunity for you it is time to implement your knowledge and develop all the above explained skills for a prolonged and successful career.


Author Bio:

Saurabh Tyagi is a blogger and a professional career author with proven expertise in writing for topics related to jobs, job trends, different job opportunities, various workplace and industry information, tips and strategies for job seekers.


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