How to start Newspaper/Magazine Business in Nigeria

Magazine Business in Nigeria

Do you want to know to start a newspaper/magazine business in Nigeria? What are the steps that are involved in setting up the business? And what you need to do to be successful?

When you read this article to the end, you’ll learn all the steps required to start your own magazine production.

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Top web hosting companies in Nigeria


I have had my fair share of disappointments hosting my website using a hosting company citadel in Nigeria. I wanted to draw a conclusion as we don’t have a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria.

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Investment Tips for beginners


Investments in the correct places can be immensely profitable. This is a tried and tested statement with scores of people making enough amounts live a high standard of living. But, it is to realize that even though they have a very juicy side, the other face of the coin is equally rotten.

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7 of the best money tips


Financial planning is easy when certain things are understood about money. Other aspect might require the services of a financial expert to understand.

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How to start screen printing business

screen printing

Starting a screen printing business can prove to be a lucrative action to take. The need for customized imprinted stickers, T-shirts, cups, handkerchief, leather and other items are in high demand by businesses, religious group, wedding planners, schools, nonprofit organizations, sports teams and many other industries.

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How to start fish farming business in Nigeria


Many questions have been asked about how to start a fish farming business in Nigeria and answers have been provided.

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Guidelines for registering a foundation/NGO in Nigeria


Are you thinking of starting a non-governmental organization or foundation and have been wondering how to go about it? Recently, a friend worked for the corporate affair commission to make an inquiry on the procedure to open a foundation.

They presented him with the four steps to follow in other to start an NGO.


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Business is like raising a child


I can’t imagine how young entrepreneur start a business and in the shortest possible time leave the business for another thing and expect the business to grow. That is not always the case especially for new businesses, because the vision of the business is with the entrepreneur that started it.

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Top 100 Motivational Business Quotes that keeps you going


In business, there is good times and bad times. Most times, it’s the bad times that keeps us out of focus and the required concentration to move the business back to it’s winning ways. 

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Is Your Local Business Mobile Optimized


Just about everywhere you go these days you would be hard pressed to find someone without a mobile device in their hand, sending a text, browsing the internet, using an app, doing a geo targeted search, or reading the latest post on Twitter or Facebook.

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The Importance of Brand Education


To be a great Brand Ambassador, one cannot rely solely on their cosmetic appearance or great personality. We believe it is extremely important to be well educated on the brand you are representing.

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Top 3 Online Business Obstacles and How to Overcome Them


Because money is so often easily made online, many think that it is easy to start a business and jump right into turning a profit. Unfortunately, it seldom works that way because the person has failed to plan properly.

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