Customer service skills: 11 customer service for small business

Customer service skills

Do customer service skills matter in your business? Am sure they do.

Having a happy customer is what makes them come back and do business with you.

Sure, you may have great product or service that may keep your customer happy, but after a while, they may find fault and make it known.

This may … Read more


Internet Business Startups Master

Internet Business Startups Master

Many Internet business startups fail because inexperienced entrepreneurs spend too much time fussing over small details, and too much money trying to buy success, instead of focusing on what really matters, namely, taking effective steps to master the net and focusing on selling products or services online.

Thinking things through in detail is a great … Read more


Dating and business: how to combine

These days dating business has become a real booming industry. Recent figures show that almost 51% of people in the United States is currently single.

That is exactly why many young entrepreneurs struggle hard to open their own dating businesses.

As you can see, you are far from being alone in the whole industry. The … Read more


Understanding the Main Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Understanding the Main Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Ever since the internet gained popularity and more and more people have access to it, the marketing landscape for companies has undergone drastic changes.

In the past, brand or product marketing was contained in conventional styles limited to television, radio, print, and telephone.

Today, however, with the unlimited access of the internet to countless resources … Read more


How to open and verify a paypal account in Nigeria

The issue of PayPal and Nigeria has been around for a very long time.

Especially when Nigerians were not allowed to use their service, to either send or receive payment.

As a result, many questions were asked like:

How to open a PayPal account?

How to open and verify a PayPal account in Nigeria etc.… Read more


Pure water business in Nigeria-How to start

Pure water business in Nigeria

Pure water business is becoming very popular and really a justifiable business in Nigeria.

This is due to the lack of quality drinking water and relatively expensive to establish a purification system for house, office etc.

So the best option is to buy from vendors and thus has further increased the popularity of the business.… Read more


Data Publishing Best Practices for Reporting

More companies are publishing their data to share the information with the general public. However, when you publish data, you don’t just release the data in its raw form of a lengthy Excel sheet. When you report the data, the information has to be easily digestible and reader-friendly for the laymen.

Here are the best … Read more


The Essential Ingredients of Small Business Marketing Plan! (Do’s and Don’ts)

Small Business Marketing Plan

Doing business without having a marketing plan is like driving a car without a map. You will get to your destination, but the risk of making costly errors is high.

A well-structured and defined marketing plan is critical to your marketing success. Marketing plan keeps everyone on the same page, it has potential to make … Read more


How Social Networks Can Help Your Startup

Social Media Marketing For Startup

Digital marketing can be daunting. The Internet is huge and new, the variety of options is overwhelming, and business people are still trying to figure out what’s the best way to mine it.

The sheer amount of scams, dead-ends, and time-wasters on the Internet could make you swear it off together. However, this would be … Read more


How to do email marketing in 2017 and beyond

Mail Contact

Do you want to start email marketing? What are some of the email marketing best practices?

Seriously, not many do email marketing. The few that engage in it, do it the wrong way.

The best part, you can start and do it the right way.

Email marketing is not a new thing. It is one … Read more


7 Tips for Starting Your Own Business Overseas

Starting Your Own Business Overseas

Most entrepreneurs began like this…

They found themselves looking at other successful entrepreneurs living the dream life in an exotic country while staring out the window of their apartment building in a crowded city.

Slowly but surely gathering courage and inspiration to chase the same dream.

Researching ways to start a business overseas…

…and then … Read more


A New Business Owner’s Guide to Success

A New Business Owner’s Guide to Success

The economic climate is beginning to stabilize after the recession, and as the dust has settled on the political changes and instability in both the US and UK. Running a successful business is extremely taxing and takes a lot of patience and wisdom.

Studies have revealed that a whopping 80% of businesses fail within the … Read more