5 Elements of A Successful Startup Business Plan

Business Plan

Every entrepreneur would agree that a business plan is a vital factor in the success of your operations.

It serves as a guide and holds the core definition of your business.

Having it alongside you throughout the whole process will make the chances of attaining your goal much greater.

Business plans can have a wide … Read more

How to start a wholesale foodstuff business in Nigeria

Wholesale Foodstuff Business In Nigeria

Do you want to start a wholesale foodstuff business in Nigeria? What is the process involved in starting a food supply business?

How do you want to start a food supply business?

If you need all the answers, then read the detailed article to the end to see all the required necessary steps required.

I … Read more

How to Start a Business with an App

How to Start a Business with an App

There are numerous stories of people who have made money off making incredible applications for android or iOS and much more.

Just like any other business, it requires investment, dedication, hard work and a lot of creativity.

A mobile application can be a successful business venture and has a lot of potential for growth in … Read more

Are you making these 7 Startup Mistakes?

startup mistakes

There are so many things you need to consider in a startup, it’s easier to get lost in a way. Entrepreneurs need a roadmap that not only helps they identify the metrics for success but also warns them about potential dangers that can surely derail their startup.

So what are the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs … Read more

12 Best Recycling Business ideas and Opportunities to Start

Recycling Business ideas

Let’s face it.

I hate waste and I know you do too.

But the amount of waste filling our landfills is not helping us and the environment.

Waste products are a serious issue in our environment today. With many household looking for ways to reduce it. Reducing waste is quite expensive.

With a problem, comes … Read more

Top 8 profitable small businesses you can grow daily

profitable small business

You can never be out of place when you try to grow your business daily.

Really! Is that easy?

Not at all but possible. The day you decide to start a business you should expect that change will always happen.

The reality then is?

Building a profitable small business can be tiring and rewarding as … Read more

30+ profitable manufacturing business with low investment

profitable manufacturing business with low investment

Are you looking for a small profitable manufacturing business with low investment? In developed countries and even emerging nations, small scale manufacturing businesses are considered as among the profitable startup for entrepreneurs.

The popular manufacturing industries include the paper, food processing, agrochemical industry, leather, construction, household products and automobile parts. The popularity is because they’re … Read more

How to start dried tomato business

dried tomato business

Dried tomato business is one of the profitable businesses in Nigeria. In a typical tomato season, the availability is amazing.

Many have ventured into tomato paste production business and only a few have looked into trying to venture into the dried tomato business.

Only a few tomato farmers use the greenhouse on their farms which … Read more

Here is my top online business idea you may want to steal

Online business ideaA top online business idea does not require any money to start. Of cause, you’ll need to devote your time to accomplish your goal.

Here is one online business idea you may want to try. This is not in any way a fast way to making money online, but success is possible with dedication and … Read more

How to Start Export Business in Nigeria in five steps

start export business

Want to start export business in Nigeria? the five step will challenge you to act.

Nigeria is a land of milk and honey unarguably boosting of many rich agricultural and mineral resources still underutilized that can add economic advantage to the country and improvement in the standard of living.

The resources are found in virtually … Read more

Top 6 small business ideas for stay at home moms

small business ideasYou’re a stay at home mom and want to make some money at home? Here are some small business ideas to do that.

There are several home based business ideas that stay at home moms can do to make some extra money while still at home.

These small business ideas don’t interfere with your house … Read more

What is blogging: how to get and make money blogging for newbies?

businesseeThere are several people online blogging about one or more subject. Lot’s start blogging without even knowing what blogging is.

some join blogging because they’ve read that it’s the easiest way to make money online. But what is really blogging? Read below to know the answer.

What is a blog?

A blog is a place … Read more