How to Turn Motivation into Success

How To Turn Motivation Into Success

We all dream of being successful, yet we slip into a state of complacency and get on with our life. Today, a lot of people know what they want, but don’t know how to go about it.

They are motivated, no doubt, but do not know how, or have the means, to turn this motivation … Read more


11 Very Successful Business People Who Had a Tough Time in Their 20s

ScreenHunter_01 May. 08 16.17Your 20s are a difficult, defining decade of exploration, self-development and often, failures.

Today, it takes the average 20-something longer to graduate with an even more expensive tuition price tag. But the cost of not going to college is even higher.

Hence, an extremely high percentage of graduates find themselves swimming in debt. In 2011, … Read more


8 bitter truth no one told you about starting your business

images (1)I’ve heard people say I have a business idea and want to put the business idea to work. The idea of people to be entrepreneurs has been encouraged by the government and private sector and also we’re frequent been reminded in our local media and social media as well.

The idea of people to be … Read more


Take Ownership of Your Life in 4 Steps

ownershipRemember, ultimately you are in control of your workout! I can motivate you to push harder. I can try to keep you from giving up, but in the end, it’s all up to you.”

This statement of our cycling instructor stuck with me because I see people give up control over crucial areas of their … Read more


5 Ways to Keep Moving Forward When You Hit a Wall

keep movingYawn! When I read Michael Hyatt’s post on taking naps, I agreed. I knew from personal experience how beneficial a quick midday nap could be. But as I pondered how I might actually put it into practice, I hit a wall.

How could I keep moving forward with this idea in an educational role … Read more


Keep doing good it pays at the end

goodRead a story about a woman who baked bread for her family and always keep an extra one for a hungry passerby. She decided to be putting that extra bread on the window sill for whoever would take it away.

Every day, a hunch-back man came and took away the bread, as he went, he … Read more


When it looks impossible, then it’s possible

impossibleWalt Disney, the man who single-handedly changed the face of entertainment more than any other person is widely regarded as an impossibility thinker. No wonder he said, “it’s kind of funny doing the impossible”.

He’s a strong impossibility thinker that when he tell his people what they’re going to do and all of … Read more


Whose world are we in?

manWe’re going to be looking at the questions, whose world are we in? Is it a man’s world or a woman’s world?

For sometimes now, I’ve here people say it’s a man’s world others will say it’s both a man’s and a woman’s world. These arguments have been there for a very long time now.… Read more


Take risk, your success is dependent on it

riskUnless you’re willing to take a risk you won’t succeed in life. There’s a time for playing it safe, but caution becomes a lifestyle, you get bogged down in mediocrity and failure while life passes you by.

You’ve got to step out boldly and take the risk. Your risk may be less dramatic, but unless … Read more


10 ways to be above average

aaThe world is full of average people and will require you to take a different action to be above average.

Successful people are not just lucky, they just did things differently, Things that seem difficult to the majority of people that is what made them world changes today. ,

Eleanor Roosevelt classified people into three, … Read more


Nuggets| food for thoughts-problem solving

food for thoughtProblems don’t magically solve themselves because you refuse to deal with them actually. They multiply and no matter how fast you run you will not escape.

We can’t run or hide or push things away forever, eventually, we tire and have to showdown and when we do all our junk will come rolling behind heading … Read more


Top 53 motivational quotes for business, success and life.

What-You-Need-To-SucceedEntrepreneurship can be a long work. Whether you’re into an online or offline business, before success knock at the door, you may have gone through a lot of trying and encountering several setbacks.

You’ll need to sacrifice a lot of your time learning and applying what you’ve learned. These will take most of your valuable … Read more