12 Best Recycling Business ideas and Opportunities to Start

Recycling Business ideas

Let’s face it.

I hate waste and I know you do too.

But the amount of waste filling our landfills is not helping us and the environment.

Waste products are a serious issue in our environment today. With many household looking for ways to reduce it. Reducing waste is quite expensive.

With a problem, comes … Read more


Don’t be left out: The 7 steps process to create a physical product

physical product

What do Microsoft, apple, coca cola, staples have in common?

They’re successful business and all sell physical products that have change the way we live.

You may be wondering how do one create a physical product?

This is what this article will seek to show you.

During the industrial age, to make your own physical … Read more


Top 42 Social media strategy tools for small business

Social media strategy tools for small businessHow do you develop a social media strategy?

Every business whether small or big wants to their voice to be heard in social media.

These tools will help you in various ways to make it possible. As a small business owner, this will not only have your voice to be heard but also build your … Read more


Top 6 gloriously simple things that are worth having at home

ScreenHunter_09 Jun. 03 23.51

Want to save more money, then you’re in the right place. These simple products are household products that can either prolong your foodstuff item or makes your work easier.

1.     The automatic toothpaste dispenser.

Designed for the family to improve convenience to improve hygiene and economy.

Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters.

This … Read more


The importance of investors to a business

investorsBusiness begins when an entrepreneur begins to provide solutions to the problem(s). This can be an incredible mile stone in the life of the entrepreneur and the business.

But as the business grows, there will come a time where the entrepreneur will need to expand the business operations due to high demand for the product … Read more


Innovation the brain box to sustaining business in the 21st century

innoStrategy is not about celebrating the past, it’s not about celebrating the present, but all about leadership in the future.

One thing we know is if the strategy is about leadership in the future, the world keeps changing in the future.

So if you want to be a leader in the future, you have to … Read more


You Have to Market BEFORE You Sell

salesWhat is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make with your business that will drive away potential clients, cash, as well as those much-needed collaborations?

Is it undercharging? No this will just keep you working long hours for little pay. Is it over delivering? No, this will just attract clients who love to … Read more


Benefits of a business website

box with domains

More Nigerian businesses are discovering the importance of the internet to their business in Nigeria. But still there are a lot of businesses that are not online.

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10 ways to expose your business online

bizonlineBusiness will change in the next 10 years than in the last 80 years. if in the industrial age business is about quality and re-engineering, then the information age (the current age) is about velocity. T

echnology is really pushing the limits for business and without technology, many businesses will be nowhere.

With new competitions … Read more


Samsung safety truck


According to science daily, Trucks are responsible for 4,500 deaths per year in the United States. Truck crashes also cause huge losses in productivity, property and personal injury. New research just published details how trucks account for 8% of US highway traffic, yet are involved in 11% of fatal road crashes.  

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5 Top Products You Need to Try in 2016


Every beginning of the year is the time for new resolutions. Although making your New Year resolution a reality requires the willpower, tenacity and clear action to achieve.

Am sure a little help will do and that’s why we have put the 5 top products you need to try in 2016. This is not only … Read more


5 technologies that won’t die


We’re in a fast moving world, where things are changing every seconds because of the fast improvement of things as a result of advancement in technology on a daily basis.

Due to this advancement, a lot of inventions have been turn obsolete, because of a new and better way to implement or use that technology. … Read more