How to start dried tomato business

dried tomato business

Dried tomato business is one of the profitable businesses in Nigeria. In a typical tomato season, the availability is amazing.

Many have ventured into tomato paste production business and only a few have looked into trying to venture into the dried tomato business.

Only a few tomato farmers use the … Read more

How to start and register an NGO in Nigeria (The complete step by step guide)

NGOIf you want to start an NGO in Nigeria, this will be a complete guide on how you Can setup and register one in Nigeria.

An NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organisation, which means it’s not part of the government and exists as a non-profit organization.

An NGO stands to promote awareness to certain causes or … Read more

How to make a good presentation

preLike it or hate it, whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, employee or student, there are every chance that you’ll someday be standing in front of an audience to make a presentation on either a new product or service, academic presentation, political or religious.

When it comes to presentation, it’s ultimately in the hands of the … Read more

Take Responsibilty For Your Life (A Must Read)


Quotes from this;

“You are not to walk away from your challenges You are to confront them”

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How to design a website for your business


Websites have numerous benefits to a business. A website makes a business global and exposes the business to new opportunities to explore, investors and customers.

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How to become a freelance writer

download (2)Do you want to make money from your writing skills?

The demand for fresh quality articles by webmasters is increasing on a daily basis. The search engines are ranking content not only on the links linking the article page but on the quality and freshness of the content.

Webmasters require quality and new content for … Read more

How to succeed at your job (part 1)


Having a job is one thing and succeeding at it is another. We’re in such an unstable time where job security is a thing of the past. Even with the uncertainty, there are still ways you need to follow to succeed at your job. Succeeding at your job requires the following:

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How to Win More Customers


The success of your business depends entirely on how much customers you win to your business. If you win sufficient customers they will provide the necessary revenue you need to run, maintain and grow the business. Therefore, knowing how to win more customers is very important to every entrepreneur. Winning more customers to your side … Read more

How to start a successful car wash business

car wash business

How would you like to start a car wash business that will stand out? If you read this guide, from start to finish, you’ll know the ways that you’ll create a successful car wash.

Starting a car wash can be exciting, really less difficult and profitable business for anyone with the passion, patience, and drive.… Read more

How to outsource for content online


The popular online saying “content is king” is true especially if you want to start a blog or you’re running one already.

Since blog needs constant updating,

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How to figure out what business to do


I want to start a business but the question is what business do I start? If this describes you then you’re not alone. I personally have been asked these question several times by people and I’ve come to realize that when you don’t give the right answer the person may never take the first step … Read more

5 Steps To Develop Self-Confidence


To be successful in life, you have got to have self-confidence. You cannot be successful if you are not sure of yourself or your actions. You must make concerted effort to do away with the

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