Best Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builders 2017

WordPress Theme Builders

You love those attractive, immaculate WordPress websites and wish to design one day. For those who dream to design and develop a WordPress website, but hesitate because of no coding skills; can build their website by using drag and drop theme builders.

We have listed below top 10 most popular drag-and-drop page builder plugins which … Read more


Want to buy & sell expired domain names-follow these 3 steps

Expired domain names

Why do people join the expired domain names business?

Simply because it’s one of the easiest business to do online.

You may be wondering and ask, how do I start and profit from the business of buying aged domains.

This is what this article will seek to addressed.
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5 long tail keywords search tools for modern keyword-based strategy

Long tail keywords

Are Long tail keywords better? What tools helps in finding the keywords?

There are basically three form of keywords you can target. The head keyword, 2-3 word phrases and the more descriptive phrases.

Using the head keywords (1 word phrase or short tail keywords), 2-3 word phrases have high competition.

Using the more descriptive phrases … Read more


SEO basics-6 ways to write SEO search engine optimization article

SEO search engine optimization article

Ever wonder why some articles are always making the top of the search engine ranking?

These bloggers employ the SEO search engine optimization articles strategy to achieve that.

I know you’ll want to achieve that too. But before then let’s look at the what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search … Read more


Skyrocket Your Conversions with these 5 WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins? What do they do? Why does your site need them? Questions needing a simple answer, right.

Wait a minute don’t be in a hurry, let’s start somewhere-hopefully, we’ll have all the answers.

But do you know that landing page makes it easy to convert visitors into subscribers?

According to reports, … Read more


7 Content Marketing Influencers That Shows You How To Increase Conversion

content marketing

Content marketing has become an integral part of any business that wants to succeed regardless of the business size.

Today more than ever, there are many experts who are willing to share their successful strategies and tactics you may want to follow, copy or steal.

These experts are just too generous.

The only trouble is, … Read more


Long tail keywords-4 ways to find keywords using long tail search


Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords? Am sure you heard about it.

The question is how to find long tail keywords.

This is what this article will seek to show you.

Keyword research has been the crux of search engine optimization.

Keywords research can come as a 1-word phrase, 2-3 words phrases and more descriptive phrase (also … Read more


How to double opt-in email marketing lists

double opt-in email marketing lists

Double opt-in email marketing lists are the Gold Standard for Email Marketing List Building.

. Email marketing is a highly inexpensive way of promotion as compared to all other modes of advertising.

It’s a vital way to not only market your product or service but also to build a long-term relationship with people.

The saying … Read more


Best programs for web design without any coding

Best programs for web design

These are best programs for web design that enables you to design professional looking websites.

It’s equally the best way to learn web design without learning any programming.

With the era of mobile phones, the web design program gives the best practices for responsive web design.

Gone are the days when creating a functioning … Read more


Best Google adsense sizes formats that give the maximum earnings

best google adsense data-lazy-sizes

What is the best google Adsense sizes that give the maximum earning? In this article, we shall explore the different google ad sizes and recommend the one that will give the most benefit.

A Google AdSense program comes with various ad sizes for your blog or website. It is expected that you’re to choose at … Read more


How to make people visit your blog over and over again

visit your blog

There must be some reason why certain blogs have more site visit than other blogs.

Despite sending traffic to your blog, some when they visit once, will never come back.

In blogging first impression is key to keeping making people visit again. The impression is what grasp the attention that keeps them on the site … Read more


How SBI website can help you achieve six figures yearly

site build it

Why does certain website make six figures income yearly than others? This might be luck as others may say, but believe me, it’s not.

This might make some people ask questions: is earning six figures income yearly from a website possible? The answer is yes.

Wait a minute, just Click here to see proof


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