Business start-up strategies Strategies for starting up a Business


Business strategy is the planning and structuring stage for your business and it’s a very important stage as it forms the foundation of your business and subsequent success. Every business owner has goals and objectives for their Businesses to accomplish, and in order to achieve these goals and objectives you need Business Strategy.

Strategies to consider when starting out in business could include writing a business plan, defining your customers, setting of goals and marketing strategies among others.

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Writing a business plan

When embarking on a journey I am sure you’ll need to have a map or an Idea of the direction to follow, Right? So it is with a business journey, you will need a map to guide you through to your desired goals and objectives.

Writing a business plan enables you to put a detailed plan for your business to ensure the success of the business. When preparing a business plan, you need to do an extensive research on all the aspects of the business you want to start so that you can constructively put together all what you need to create the business, give a clear definition and description of the business, in order to finance and market the business successfully.

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Furthermore, the business plan serves as a very vital document when raising capital from investors. Your goals, plans, and structure presented in the business plan will give your investors a clear picture of the business and where the business is going.

Nevertheless, you still need your business plan to guide you and keep you in check even if you don’t have to raise funds from investors.

Know the customer


In order to effectively sell your product/service, you’ll have to know your customer so that you can package and present your product/ service in the way they like it.

Take your time to know about their likes, dislikes, what and how other similar businesses are doing to cater for similar customers.

When you know your customers, you to create products and services that meets the exact needs of your customers. An interesting and easy way to know your customer is to ask. Ask your customers what they want and how they’ll prefer certain product or service.

Goal setting

Clearly defined goals have been discovered to account for over 80% of your success and happiness in life. May be that’s why it’s said that ‘success is goals and all else is commentary’.

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How then do you know if you’re making progress with your plan without having specific and measurable goals? Setting goals, also, makes you work with a target over a period of time thereby ensuring success.

Write down two to three goals for your business with specific time to achieve them. Then develop a daily or weekly task that enables you move one step towards achieving the goals.

For instance, if your goal is to make $10.000 a month, what will you do daily that will make you that $10000 after 30 days? Device the ways and strategies to achieve that and thus help you track your progress and gives room for improvement.

I vital tip to note when writing goals is to write your goals as if you have already achieved it. Like in the example above, you write; my business earns $10,000 every month.

Follow these strategies and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful business owner.

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