How to make people visit your blog over and over again

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There must be some reason why certain blogs have more site visit than other blogs.

Despite sending traffic to your blog, some when they visit once, will never come back.

In blogging first impression is key to keeping making people visit again. The impression is what grasp the attention that keeps them on the site until they made up their mind to become regular visitors.

The impression is what grasp the attention that keeps them on the site until they made up their mind to become regular visitors.

There are a number of strategies you will need to take seriously to be able to make people visit and visit your blog again. Below are the 5 ways to make your blog visitor visit your blog again and again.

  1. Keep updating your blog

Each time someone visits your blog, the visitor should be able to find something new. This means you should update your blog regularly, at least once a week. This not only makes your site visitors come back but will also improve your blog ranking.

It’s important to stick with a schedule you think you can be consistent. Don’t start by giving content on a daily basis and change. Sticking with a time to publish content helps your blog visitors to know when to visit.

If you run out of ideas, you can visit blogs related to your site or sites like buzz sumo to search for trending post in your niche and look for fresh ideas. You can equally find blog content ideas from people commenting on your blog.

Copy the article, rewrite it in your own word and publish it at your site. This way you have a fresh and unique content and this will equally attract the search engines.

  1. Respond to comments

Always read blog comments after each post. Approve the good ones and delete the bad once. Then respond to the comment or issue, asked by your readers.

You can equally write an article to clarify some of the issues raised by your readers. Make sure you provide the information they need to clear their doubt about your previous article.

  1. Provide free resources

This method has worked perfectly well for many online bloggers and website owners. Create free resources like free videos, eBooks, audio tutorials (podcast), related to your niche and give away for free using your site.


The free resources you will be providing should aim at showing your site visitors how to do something that will boost their own site performance or the online business.

Don’t forget to include the link to your blog or website. For the eBooks you have created, give them away with resale rights, this makes a massive exposure when the person decides to sell it.

  1. Create a newsletter

You can create a newsletter, name it and encourage your site visitors to subscribe. You can even make the site visitors get some of your free resources when they subscribe to the newsletter.

You can decide on the number of times you want to publish your newsletter. It can be weekly, twist a week, once a month, four times a day, or even daily. It’s all in your choice to do that. But don’t use sales pitch in your newsletter as you might scare your subscribers away.

  1. Create opt-in pages

You can create an opt-in page on all pages of your website, to capture your site visitors. This will enable you to follow up on your subscriber once you update your blog or give them free materials.

You can use software like getresponse to achieve this task fast, easy and reliable.

To make good use of your subscribers, you can publish ten newsletters and the eleventh newsletter should be a product you are promoting. This way, you will not scare away your newsletter subscribers.

Sending people to your site is not enough, but making them come again and again is key to your site success. These four ways have worked and still working for many who have implemented it.

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Value is always what you should give in your blog always. Quality is better than quantity. When people get valuable content, they’ll always return back.





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