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There are many bloggers and new blogs are created on a daily basis, but only 1% of this bloggers make money blogging.  Lots of them do end up regretting why they started blogging.

Facts about blogging

The following are the misconceptions many bloggers tell new bloggers about blogging.

  1. Blogging is a get rich quick scheme.

I’ve known many people who have started their blog because of this statement “blogging is a get rich quick scheme”.


When after five month and nothing to show, they grow tired and regret why they started the blog in the first place.

There are no short cuts to riches, you’ll have to work to earn it and these takes time.


You’ll need to build your credibility first. People want to know you’re an expert in what you do before they can trust you. It’s when you gain that trust that people will believe all you say and what you offer.


  1. In blogging content is king.

Blogging requires you to build your visibility first before credibility comes. But I’ve also seen other bloggers who still say with 1-5 content, you’re good to go.

If you’re not ready to provide fresh content always, then I advise you should reconsider starting blogging. it’s expected that a blog should have at least 3 new content every week.

The more the content the more you build your credibility.


  1. Traffic generation exposes your blog.

No matter how great your blog is, if you don’t generate traffic, then no one will know your blog. Some bloggers think people will just find their blog.

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Below are some of the tips that can make you money blogging:


Use high paying niche

When you search for internet marketing blogs online, you will find millions of such blogs.

And if one of the methods you’re using monetize the blog is google adsense, the chances of you making up to the payment threshing mark will require serious hard work because the money you will get is in cents.


This makes it important to choose keywords you know there pay after a click is not less than two dollars.


Some of these niches do not require you to do any keyword research using google and you will still know.


One way you will know is the industry the niche is.


For instant, the weight loss industry is a very big industry and there is a lot of competition so companies pay high in advertising there by making its pay per click advertising high. Other niches are rehab, car insurance, credit card, insurance.



Some the money you will get from one click is up to $30.


Believe me you will only need four people to get your $100 minimum google payout as targeting a niche where you need at least 1000 people before you make that.


High paying affiliate product

You promote high paying affiliate product that can earn you nothing less than $50 from one sale via your affiliate site.

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Or if you’re like me, you can promote an affiliate product that pays you over and over again if the customer decides to continue buying or subscribing to the services. This is often call residual affiliate marketing.


You can promote membership sites, forums, hosting companies, domain registration sites and so on.


But in my opinion, you can promote sites that provide services than product. This makes people subscribe to.


One site I always recommend for this is the creators of site build it, a wonderful tool for creating website and making money from it.


Using list building software

You can use email marketing software like autoresponder to create wonderful list that can it possible for you to market your product to your subscribers.

Why I like the autoresponder software, is it allow you to set your email to submit it for you automatically while you sleep or play.


Using email marketing software like autoresponder, you can place it in all pages of your blog for people to see it and subscribe to it.


Don’t worry if you don’t know how to go about it. The site provides you with all the support you need to make your email marketing a successful one.


This three blogging tips help you to not only make money blogging, but also double your blogging money within little possible time.


These tips may even make you create blogs that will even make you quit your day job.




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