Blogging tips-Discover the four steps to increase your blog conversion rate


Many people have created highly informative blogs and still not making enough return on there investment. There are five things I think you’ll need to do to increase your blog profitability.

Use related article plugin

This plugin will increase your readers view, because when they read a post, there is every tendency to read the related post. Using this plugin, the reader and conversion rate will increase.

Include a call to action

Ability to include call to action is also important. For instance, if you write a review, you should tell the people exactly what to do. You could write call to action like:

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“Click here to download a free report”


“Are you looking for a topnotch school of fashion, click here for the top institute in the US southwest”


Know how to use mailing list

When you have a mailing list, you don’t need to be sending them offers always. You’ll need to know how to send the emails. If you want to make it right, and then find how to create follow up emails.

Keep up dating your blog

Since it is a blog you’re targeting, then you’ll need to update your blog constantly with fresh and highly informative article content. This will make your site visitors come back always because they know they’ll find new information always.

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Improve your blog design

A good site design is vital to making people come back to your blog, because it is inviting and people will always visit it.





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