Best Google adsense sizes formats that give the maximum earnings

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What is the best google Adsense sizes that give the maximum earning? In this article, we shall explore the different google ad sizes and recommend the one that will give the most benefit.

A Google AdSense program comes with various ad sizes for your blog or website. It is expected that you’re to choose at most three different ad sizes to place in your pages.

To get the better of these ads, you’ll need to place two of the ads within your blog post, one at the top and the other at the middle of the article. Then the third and final ads, place it in the sidebar.

This is to ensure that you get the maximum exposure of your ads as possible and to improve the site earning

Even at that, not all the ad sizes works the way you’ll want to, while other ad sizes work perfectly well.

The reason has been that the earnings using those sizes are higher. The idea is for you to replace the non-performing ads sizes with a performing one.

Some list of google AdSense ad size examples

Google have done the work and made some ad sizes that can suit any website and place anywhere within the blog.

Here is a full list of the google Adsense sizes available; they’re put together by google so that you the website/blog publisher can place it on your site.

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Large rectangle (336×280)

Medium rectangle (300×250)

Small Square (200×200)

Square (250×250)

Vertical banner (120×240)

Wide skyscraper (160×600)

Button (125×125)

Half banner (234×60)

Banner (468×60)

Leaderboard (728×90)

Custom banner


Page level ads

Another ad size created by google is the page level ads. The page level ads are designed for high-end mobile devices and only appears when you’re likely to end more.

Ther are two type of the page level ads that you can choose from, which are the anchor/text overlay ads or vignette ads.

The anchor/overlay ads display Mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissable.

The vignette mobile ads display mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be easily dismissed by your users.

The page level ads do not affect any of the three content ads place on your post or pages.

To really get the best google Adsense sizes, sometimes you’ll need to try several google AdSense ad sizes.

Base on our trial, we have come up with what we believe is the best google Adsense sizes for monetizing your blog.

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The best Google Adsense sizes giving the maximum return earnings

Determining the ad size that gives the maximum earnings are determined on the basis of the number of impressions each ad unit in a google Adsense individual account.

The following is the AdSense format that is the best google Adsense sizes works in your blog:

Large rectangle (336×280)

Medium rectangle (300×250)

Wide skyscraper (160×600)

Leaderboard (728×90)

Anchor/overlay ads

Out of the ad sizes above the (336×280) looks more promising. When placing the ads on your website, you can use the (728×90) and (468×60) on the right-hand size of your website or blog.

The (336×280) should be placed just below your article titles before writing the article body. You can use the (160×600) in your sidebar depending on the space.

Not only what is here will you depend on, keep on testing the ad sizes and its position from time to time to see which one suits you and brings the maximum return on investment.

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When trying to monetize your blog with any of the google AdSense ad unit, try using the best google Adsense sizes.





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