Benefits of a business website

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More Nigerian businesses are discovering the importance of the internet to their business in Nigeria. But still there are a lot of businesses that are not online.


A website does many things to a business. Therefore launching a business website have some benefit that gives to a business and these includes:

1. Expose your business to the world

Whether your business offers a product or service, having a website let the world know what you do.

2. Expand your market

The internet allows businesses to expand beyond where they’re, making it possible to break through geographic barriers and build more customer base.

3. More revenue streams

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Even though your website provides information about your product and service, it’s other means to build a stream of income by selling advertising space to other businesses. Here you decide the money you charge and the profit can be 100%

4. Business can sell 24/7

Once online, you can sell your product/service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Customers don’t have to wait until opening hours to purchase your product or service.

5. Get customer feedback

It’s quite expensive to know how your customers satisfaction about your product or service or marketing method offline.

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Using the internet, customer feedback is easy and less expensive and you’ll know what customer think about the business.

You can create a poll or a survey via your website to know about how your customer feels about the business. Customers are kings and queens and according to Bill Gates, you learn from your unhappy customers.

6. Growth opportunity

Business expansion requires an influx of cash from investors, with your website, it’s a great way to show potential investors what your business is all about, your achievements and future plans.

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