Be a Successful Entrepreneur without being workaholic


Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy deal. For me, I literally had to take leave from my family duties. I could not wake up early to drop kids at school.

I could not attend those romantic candle light dinners with my wife. Looking back, I realize that I really sacrificed more than necessary. Because I may have gained success, but I am surely not going to get back my lost time and fun.

Seriously, still my company is rising step by step. But do you know, you really don’t have to become workaholic to achieve a quick success.

First of all, making engaging work does not increase our outcome. Rather, it decreases our ability and puts us in a never ending fatigue.

There’s no alternate of having a ‘Me time’ to increase our productivity. Read, listen to music, go out for a little outing, go for fishing, do shopping, really do something which actually gives you some pleasure and can distract your focus for some time. Trust me, the next day when you will go back to your work you will be able to work more dynamic.

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Now I will advise you to read some entrepreneurial books. Why? Because to reduce your stress, you need to develop your foresee skills. As long as you don’t study similar case studies like your business and present market, you won’t be able to understand the risk of certain projects and tasks within a short time. So my best advice will be read more, know more and then apply.


Don’t become a multi tasker. People often believe that if they go multi tasker, they will achieve more.Temporarily, it may seem fruitful but in the long run this procedure will make you tired and hopeless. So be focused on few things rather than doing everything.

Learning to say No is a big deal. When you start something, day by day you will be only getting busy more and more. So chances are you will get fewer free times.

So obviously you won’t be able to do every work that you used to do before. If you used to pick up kids from school and cannot find the time now then come to an understandable solution with your spouse. Don’t make vague excuses. Be clear with your work and current problems and deduce a solution from them.

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Build some mental strength. Surely, when we indulge ourselves in business we all do keep in mind that business takes second to downfall. So be prepared with your strategies to tackle such conditions with courage.

Keep Plan A, Plan B or Plan C for different circumstances. Here again I want to recommend reading. Read more on business failures and how to overcome these. May be you won’t be able to apply book’s idea directly in your work but this will help you to build a more realistic plan for your business.

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