5 long tail keywords search tools for modern keyword-based strategy

Long tail keywords

Are Long tail keywords better? What tools helps in finding the keywords?

There are basically three form of keywords you can target. The head keyword, 2-3 word phrases and the more descriptive phrases.

Using the head keywords (1 word phrase or short tail keywords), 2-3 word phrases have high competition.

Using the more descriptive phrases … Read more

14 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch & Follow

Online Marketing Influencers

Having been blogging for some years now, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are online marketing influencers who will ensure that you take your online business to the next level.

Now before you start thinking this is hype, then keep reading the article.

Anyway, you may be right, considering that, over the years, … Read more

SEO basics-6 ways to write SEO search engine optimization article

SEO search engine optimization article

Ever wonder why some articles are always making the top of the search engine ranking?

These bloggers employ the SEO search engine optimization articles strategy to achieve that.

I know you’ll want to achieve that too. But before then let’s look at the what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search … Read more

Skyrocket Your Conversions with these 5 WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins? What do they do? Why does your site need them? Questions needing a simple answer, right.

Wait a minute don’t be in a hurry, let’s start somewhere-hopefully, we’ll have all the answers.

But do you know that landing page makes it easy to convert visitors into subscribers?

According to reports, … Read more

21 awesome small business ideas for MBA graduates

small business ideas for MBA graduates

Are you looking for the best business to start after MBA? Then you’re in the right place.

This article will seek to show the business after MBA that you can do.

It’s official you can now say it confidently, I am MBA graduate now what? The biggest challenge most MBA graduate face is securing a … Read more

Work From Home Job: 10 Strategies for boosting productivity and Increasing output

Work From Home Job

What work from home job do you?

Boosting productivity and increasing your output will require putting the right strategies in place.

This article will however show you some of the strategies to use.

In our earlier article, I’ve written in-depth about the top 9 work from home jobs.

Today I am going to run … Read more

Long tail keywords-4 ways to find keywords using long tail search


Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords? Am sure you heard about it.

The question is how to find long tail keywords.

This is what this article will seek to show you.

Keyword research has been the crux of search engine optimization.

Keywords research can come as a 1-word phrase, 2-3 words phrases and more descriptive phrase (also … Read more

Best hosting services: 8 Things to Consider When Evaluating Hosting Solutions For Your Business

Best hosting services

What are the best hosting services online? Discover what you need before making a decision.

Web hosting is where your pages are house and becomes visible to anyone who visits the site.

The speed and uptime of from the hosting provider will determine how people will visit your site.

Whether you want to create a … Read more

7 smart ways to turning a small business idea into the next big business

small business ideaHave an amazing small business idea?

This business secret is going to reveal will not only make your idea successful alone but will also show you how to turn them into big businesses

Every business whether small or big started as an idea.

Your small business idea is one.

In … Read more

Learn & earn with the top 25 small business ideas for college students

small business ideas for college students

Do you want to know the business ideas for college students? What are the entrepreneurship ideas for college students? Are there businesses to start in college?

Well, I will go through the business ideas for college students. These business ideas can be taken as a full or part-time business opportunities.

I understand that as a … Read more

How to start Newspaper/Magazine Business in Nigeria

Magazine Business in Nigeria

Do you want to know to start a newspaper/magazine business in Nigeria? What are the steps that are involved in setting up the business? And what you need to do to be successful?

When you read this article to the end, you’ll learn all the steps required to start your own magazine production.

You’ve have … Read more