Attitude-the difference maker


It’s a popular saying that attitude is everything. In other words attitude is king. I didn’t understand it until when I studied the animal kingdom. The lion is not the largest of the animals and yet it’s the king of the jungle, controlling the jungle.

The elephant in my opinion should be the king of the jungle because it’s bigger than the lion and maybe the strongest but it’s not. There are other animals that are bold like the lion and still could not match and stand as the number jungle citizen.

Then I later found out that there was something the lion has that most animals don’t and that one thing is “attitude”. Attitude is the difference maker. Life is not all about money, love, smartness alone. You need the right attitude to keep you going. Because several challenge will come your way.

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Your greatest enemy in life is your last success. A person who doesn’t have the right attitude will find value in his last success and that keeps him from doing something else or moving forward. Attitude makes you to see your last success as a stepping stone for tomorrow’s success.

When I was watching a documentary on how google came to be, in history channel, It was said that the founders of google, even though are billionaires, still maintain the same lifestyle prior to start of google and I said to myself, that is attitude. Attitude makes you to maintain your lifestyle even when there is change in your status and the size of your pocket.

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Guard your attitude and use it positively. This will make you grow over and over again, succeeding in all aspect of your life. And when there is a setback, attitude gives you the confidence to move on. Attitude is really the difference maker.

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