Are you ready for work?


A retired civil servant once told me that they were employed without knowing what aptitude test and job interview was. That was in the closing stages of the 20st century. But this is the 21st century where things have changed and are more competitive than before.

Today, we have more educated people roaming our street with big brown envelope in search of a job. Many have written lots of aptitude test and several interviews and at the end, nothing to show. I must say a lot have lost confidence in the system entirely.

The method of recruitment is different from what it used to be. Most times companies are really looking for competent people who will do the job and produce the desired result. The question then is “are you ready for work?”.

Are you really ready for work?

It’s normal when you graduate from the university or any of the higher institutions, the next step is to get a job. But today the jobs are not there or I will say the white collar jobs are not available. One wonders why it’s so.

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Most organizations or companies believe a young graduate is not ready for any work as a result, they only take those who have an edge. That is those who have more than their higher educational certificate. companies or organizations considers you ready for work when you have the following:

What skills you have.

Companies need results and they don’t want to just hire anybody they want someone who can give you a competitive advantage. When you have the skills, then you’ll definitely have an edge. For instance, if you’re to work in a grocery store, and to have good marketing skills, then that’s a big plus.

Working experience

Everyone has a working experience. But some are better than the others. When you say you have working experience, they ask you where you got it and if it’s from a respected firm, it’s a big plus.

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What is your area of specialization? You ask graduates their area of specialization; all they’ll tell is the course they have read. But there are many graduates like that. But when you specialize, it makes you rare and boosts your chances of getting your job. For instance, a doctor will specialize in the eye and that makes him an eye specialize all so known as an ophthalmologist.

The information you have

We’re indeed in the age of information. I’ve seen lots of young people who are educated and yet not informed. Knowing the current situations around you will make all the difference.

When you’re ready for work, people will come knocking at your door. Just don’t stop developing yourself, you’re really closer.

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