An unpaid internship!!It is the first brick of your career wall


When the summer semester comes, a big question revolves around every student’s mind that whether he or she is going to get an internship or not. Moreover, sometimes later the question turns into whether they are going to be paid or not.

You can apply for an internship at a New York based newspaper, an aristocrat financial institute in London or in a big advertising company in Kansas. But the thing that matters is if you are going to be unpaid for the internship, does it matter so much. Is it somehow going to make you beneficiary?

Well, most of the people will vote for not going with and unpaid internship. But I will insist you carry on with that. Why? Let us explore the reasons for saying so:


Experience is a crucial thing that you will need most when you are going to join the market for a full time job. An internship, whether it is paid or not, can provide you with this. You have to keep it in your mind that you are nothing without experience.  Having experience of working somewhere as an intern before entering into a full time job, will simply make you apart from the other contestants.

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– Learning your work:

Try to get an internship opportunity in a farm that matches your career goal. It will help you to learn the things what you like to do. It will give you a boost when you will go for job search.

– Knowing what you don’t like:

Doing an unpaid internship can help you to find what you like to do most. But it can work also in a reverse process. It can make realize that if you are enjoying your work or not. Thus, it will help you to fix long term career goals and choose the right career path.

  Connection maker:

When you will go for a full time job searching, you will realize that having a good connection with people related to your job is important. An internship, paid or not, can give you that opportunity to make yourself connected with people who are working in your area of interest.



– Advantage in job application:

Many companies give advantage to the students who have worked with them earlier when they look for a permanent employee. It indicates that  the companies give more value to the young professionals who have worked as an intern with them. Moreover, they may see your willingness to work as an unpaid employee as your great enthusiasm and concern to work with the company. The experience you will get from working as an intern will surely gave you some boost.

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– Improved resume:

Working as an unpaid intern can get you an impressive resume. It can enrich your  CV with references of your boss. The experience you will get from working as an unpaid intern will be priceless. When your time will come to face a full time job interview, your exceptional resume will surely make you apart from the other competitors.

– Confidence and skill:

Unpaid internship will increase your confidence level and there is no doubt about that. It will help you to immune yourself to the corporate culture. Moreover, you will get confidence for your later job life when you will have sound knowledge of how a company works. It will also help you to improve your skills.


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Mary Isabale is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and Editor of careerstair, a career blog for all levels, resume to career advancement all solution in one. Isable prefer to be known as career doctor.



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