Affiliate marketing tips and tricks to making five to six figures every month

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business of promoting other people’s product and you’re paid a commission when the customer buys the product or paid for the service.  Today there are several affiliate product and service to promote online. Some pay high commission and others don’t.

Some affiliate companies will make you pay some money before you can sign up for the affiliate program. If you came across such affiliate network, ignore them. There are lots and lots of affiliate network that allow you to sign up for free and they’re genuine network.

Since this article is about how to make five to six figures with affiliate marketing, then I will concentrate my effort on showing you how.

What to consider…

If you want to make some serious pay online promoting affiliate product there are things you need to consider.

  • Promote affiliate product that pays you, at least, $50 per sale
  • Promote affiliate product that allows you to make a commission every time the customer you refer comes back and buys in the same affiliate network.
  • Promote affiliate product that has a 2nd tier commission
  • Promote affiliate product that makes people come back to subscribe
  • Provide you with effective promotional tools
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One affiliate website that fit the criteria listed above is site build it, a component for building a professional business website without knowing any web design tutorial. This component pays up to $75 per sale and you retain the customer for life.

How to achieve your dream

  1. 1.       Sign up

Visit the sign builds its official website and signs up as an affiliate. Click here to sign up.

  1. 2.       Write a review about the website


When you navigate to the website, you can read through some of the sections of the website to understand certain facts about the website component. One vital place to visit is their proof page click here to navigate. Then write a review about the component and publish it on your blog or website.

  1. 3.       Write 30 articles for that page

Write 30 articles related to your review page and publish them in an article directory. Make your article unique and informative. Avoid using sales pitch in your article, allow your review page to do that for you.

  1. 4.       Optimize your article

When the article directory has published your articles, optimize them in other to start getting traffic from the search engines. One free and effective way to do it is to use socialmonkee. Your article will get index within seconds.

  1. 5.       Repeat the process

Repeat the process with other affiliate product. Another product recommendation is

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