Affiliate Marketing Strategies: 3 sure ways to promote affiliate product without a blog or website


Affiliate marketing is big business online. It entails promoting other peoples product or service for a commission.

As more and more companies are starting there affiliate marketing sites, it shows that this business is growing by the day and these have open more opportunities to individuals to make money online with affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing success depends on the number of promotion you do, the more the promotion you do, the more exposure to your product and the more sales you’ll make.

Affiliate marketing promotion can be done in several ways, mostly with a website or blog. But not everyone has a blog or a website. This has made promoting other peoples product a challenge.

This article will show you the three effective ways that you can start making money online promoting other peoples product without a website or blog.

Shorten your affiliate link

Before you start promoting your affiliate product, it is important to mask your affiliate link by shortening it.

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By shortening it, you’re disguising your affiliate link and not to make people run away from what you’re promoting if they know it is a link to an affiliate product.

There are several sites that allow you to do that, but the one I use and have pretty well for me is When you sign up, you’re good to go.

The three ways of promotion

Article marketing


Look for a high page rank article directory that allows you place affiliate link in the author’s resource box when publishing an article.

When you find one, you can write great articles and start posting them in that article directory and use the author resource box to command people to take action.

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One article directory that many people have use and a lot have recorded remarkable success is

Making blog comments

Visit blogs similar to the niche you’re promoting and start making comments. Your comments must be informative and constructive.

 Use the link you have shortened as the link people will use to contact you after reading your comments.

Forum marketing

Sign up to forums similar to what you’re promoting and create a sig file using your affiliate link as the link people will use to follow you.

The more you participate by posting on the forum, the higher the exposure to the product you’re promoting.

Well following the all three steps once is not enough to make you money from affiliate marketing. It requires you to continue doing it again and again until you succeed. Start promoting, start making money online.

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