Hi, Thnk you for your interest in advertising with us.

Our Blog [sandalili.com] is open to Advertisers, we accept all forms of Adverts ranging from small square, Sponsored Posts, and sponsored review. Our prices are Pocket-friendly.


On this blog, we will be discussing various Topics that pertain to blogging such as Business (both online and offline), small business ideas, inspiration, and business startup ideas. So, if you have ads in this niche or any related niche, you can send them in.


We understand you want targeted exposure, solid and long term profitable business relationship, minimize cost and maximize profit, etc.That’s exactly what I seek to provide through my blog.  I would like to give you maximum targeted exposure from my end. Here is my package for you:

Ads Slots Available on Blogging Tips Today


  1. 300×250 Embedded Ad Sponsorship

The 300×250 ad appears on every page of the website for 30 days. You’ll need to send us the image and destination URL. The price is N30, 000. There are 5 ad slots.

    2. Sponsored posts

write about your product (s), service (s) or about an upcoming event and we’ll help you in publicity. your post will be available so long the site is up and running. You’ll need to send us the content and destination URL. The price is N15, 000