8 Things Successful People Say Every Day


Words are tools and that is why what you say becomes your reality. Because words express what is inside, your visions, dreams and mission and thus you channel your abilities towards it.

Great leader whether leading a small foundation or large organizations, simply know what to say and how to say it, that is why they produce the desired outcome.

Words are tools of inspiration and beginning every day to say the words below not only makes you successful but even the person you’re leading or working with.

1. know we can achieve this today

People want to know whether the task will end today or not. When you get them to know that this task is for today, they’ll focus to do it well and finish it.

2. here is a workout plan

Most time as the leader, people expect you to be in charge and provide them with a roadmap of how to complete a task.

Don’t be too rigid listen to their own idea or plan, you might find the possibility of something. But by and large, you need to lead the team.

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Therefore standing by your own judgment makes you a leader. Not every suggestion is a welcome one. The ability to say “no” especially to suggestions contradicting your plan can be effected.

3. that can help

Don’t be a team leader that doesn’t care about the team. Get to know your team on a personal and professional level. Then show that you care by providing what they need at that time.


4. I want to know more

Let your team know that you equally want their input. This makes them feel more important. Take your to listen to them with keen interest as they give their opinion.

Schedule private meetings with individuals to hear what they’ll say. Sometimes, there are certain things people won’t want to share in public.

5. I know we can do better

It’s always a joy when a leader and his team achieve the desired result. Congratulating them makes them feel great about their achievements.

But the duty of the entrepreneur is to push his team to achieve more great things. Don’t shy away from mentioning your lapses and that of the team. Offer suggestions on how to avoid the lapses as you continue to work.

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6. I trust you.

Trust is what will make the team going. If you can’t truth any member of your team, they the person should not make the team. Else there will be doubt and this will drag the team down.

In the team, you’ll need people who are loyal, passionate and confident to work with. Because you’ll need to rely on them for the job to be done the way you want it.

7. You can count on me.

Your team equally wants to know whether they can truth you. They need to know you’re going to be there for them come rain come shine. Give them the assurance and ensure to work together with them.

8. Time to celebrate!

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t create an environment where it’s work, work, and work. Frustration and hate for the work will definitely arise. develop a time to relax and celebrate your achievements. It mustn’t be big, but something that will take the people minds off their job.

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