7 ways to increase your online sales through blog comment

commentMany have undermined the power of blog comment. Many have avoided making a comment in blogs and video.

And yet, this method can generate massive traffic to your site, improve your ranking in the search engines and increase your sales.

Though these steps (blog and video comment) are overlooked by many it is working well and maybe, they have tried it and didn’t work cause they have used it wrongly.

To increase your online earning using comments, the following steps are to be considered and implemented with routine action. Note these steps can also be applied to article directories and video sites.

1. Look for high traffic blog and videos to make your comments. This is imperative as high traffic sites mean massive exposure.

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2. Always be among the first five people to make comments when the blog is updated and that of video, when it is uploaded.


 3. Make your comment unique that is your comment should stand out from the crowd for people to read and click the link.

 4. Start each comment by commending the writer of the article. You can say things like “this is a highly informative post” or “I want to commend the writer for revealing the hidden secret of…” and so on.

 5. Then continue your comment by adding a point you think should have been part of the article and or criticize a point that should not be part of it. You must be constructive when you criticize and that can establish your authority in that aspect.

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6. Put your picture or any picture that people will recognize you whenever they see it. It makes it professional and to do that, you can visit www.avatar.com and put your picture there. Whenever you make comments your picture appear and soon you will be known.

 7. Replicate that process again and again. If you can make five blog comments daily, you can start seeing the result in no time.

Go start making the comments until success.

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