7 Signs You’re Not Entrepreneur Material

seccesVirtually everyone is dreaming of starting a business. Some have gotten the information by reading books, doing research, attending seminars and working on business systems. In other words, you’ve done your homework and are convince you to want to jump in to start your  business.

This article is not in any way meant to discourage anyone in trying to become an entrepreneur, but rather to make some adjustment, before jumping out of the box.

Wait and read the following signs and if any applies to you, you may want to reconsider your decision:

You have too much time in the day for yourself

If you’re the type that spends much time on social media like facebook, twitter, BBM, Whatsapp chatting, telling your friends about the latest car in town or the new shoe in town or the trending celebrity, then you have to forget it.

In a startup, you don’t have the luxury of time for yourself. You’ll have to sacrifice a lot of the fanfare time like social media and start focusing on how you’ll build your business to success. If this is too much of a sacrifice, then you’ll have to stay put.

You want to start business because you don’t have a job

Many think about getting a paycheck and when the job isn’t there, they’ll now start thinking of starting a business. Most often, this business dies even before the business reach anywhere. Because the owner will spend most of his time in search of a job. You need to have the drive the passion for innovating and solve people problem.

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You don’t want to get out of the box

Some prefer staying in their comfort zone inside the four corners of the box. What happens outside it is none of their business and wish it doesn’t affect them. The business might work for sometimes, but competition will push you out of business. Business is about taking calculated risk base on your assumptions. The thing here is, you’re the first person to move out of the box and innovate a new thing, chances are you’ll become a leader in that sector.

You spend too much time trying to perfect your product/service

Some spend a lot of time trying to produce the perfect product or offer the perfect service. When this happens, the tendency of starting the business in time will definitely take time.

Please don’t get me wrong, am not against the perfect product or service, they’re actually good. But a product doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be in the marketplace, it just have to be good to be appreciated in the marketplace.

Most products are not perfect when they’re released into the market. That is why they keep on improving their product via innovation. In a startup If you’re not ready for new innovation in your business and continues improvement, then stay put.

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You spend too much money on a gadget that…

Think about the gadget you have, it can be the LCD television, smartphone, tablet PC or laptop. What do they really add to the business in terms of profit? An entrepreneur doesn’t think of a thing that doesn’t help his business to productivity.

As a new business, you’ll need the most important things that will make your business function in a way that enhances your productivity.

You spend too much time learning about things that don’t help the business

Focusing on another subject at the detriment of your business clearly shows that your interest is somewhere else. Business is about passion and doing what you love. In a startup, if you really don’t have an interest in what you’re doing, then there is every tendency that you might not take the business serious and a serious setback will make you not continue the business.

You think your number one limitation is your environment

Some people think successful entrepreneurs are lucky folks who are in the right environment. But business startup and development are pretty the same anywhere you’re. That is the rules and principles of business are the same no matter the environment you find yourself.

As a new entrepreneur, you’ll need to know the principles and have the drive to put your  business idea a reality.

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